Kirstie Alley’s “Organic Liaison” Scientology diet plan apparently didn’t work for her, so she’s hoping to knock off the pounds while rehearsing for “Dancing with the Stars.” Fortunately she has a big strong dance partner, Maxsim Chermovsky, to push her around the floor. We’re thinking this might actually work for her because Maxsim can teach her the art of self-discipline. Not much chance of Maxsim romancing his partner this season…..

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  1. Goodness gracious, who watches this dreck? God save America.

  2. I do. I enjoy DWTS, because I love dance. This couple should provide some enjoyable and argumentative moments. Neither is a pushover.

  3. Good Lord, Maxsim will sure earn his money this season, although I doubt Kirstie will last long…this is a woman with no discipline. He’ll be dragging her around the dance floor…probably literally.

  4. Max will need all his strength (and a back support device) just in order to lift her. Poor bastid.

    Kirstie will work up such an appetite that she will make a beeline for her favorites, Taco bell and Chinese Take out. Oh, and she will complain a lot about “all the practice and how hard this is”.

  5. I’m not sure her rep for discipline will ever recover from Janet’s sighting of her in “The House of Pies” parking lot—and no, she wasn’t scarfing down a salad! 🙂

    That said, she is quite beautiful, IMHO; her face has a little bit of Elvis and a little bit of the late, great “Divine”—remember her?

  6. Well if Kelly Osbourne was able to lose it, Kirstie should as well. She still has a fan base in Americas so I bet there will be more than a few people watching the show just to see her. Maxim is a hottie!

  7. Max is probably thrilled about this. Not.
    Judging from his past season’s performances, I think he will be very upset about this. He is a very competitive participant and expects alot out of his partners. I’m not saying that Kirstie won’t give 100% but is definately at a disadvantage with her weight. Can’t wait to watch it though!!

  8. no way could she be worse than kate gosslin or whatever her name was she sucked so bad it was ridiculous…. there have been plenty of people on this show that were horrid….

    clitoris leachman also comes to mind…BAD BAD BAD. a total embarrassment…

    i don’t watch TV much but might check this out initially for the hell of it…..just to see kirsties costumes for sure….

    don’t all these guys get PAID a crap load of money to even be on this show anyway?? reason enough the rich get richer….

  9. My guess is she will burn lots of calories practicing but probably put them back on by telling herself it’s ok to eat more cause she’s “working out”

  10. Max will likely be giving her a good pounding when off the show and this may turn into a match….maybe Max is a Russian jew and a real match occurs.

  11. tell me: somebody raped her and made he pregnant or is she this fat like any other american?

  12. Hasn’t she been on a perpetual diet for as long as anyone can remember? I suggest she find a new shtick.

  13. Well after her few weeks of being the main attraction, her best bet is an eating disorders clinic.

    Strom, Max is Christian.
    Strom = Yawn.

  14. Max father = jew
    Max = jew

    Obviously Max may convert or call himself anything he likes!

  15. She was quite lovely in the 1980’s (even though there is something manly about her face). I even enjoyed her in several movies.

    I just can’t stomach those scientology cult crap anymore. I don’t care for her or Cruise or Travolta or the many others that are unable to think for themselves.

  16. I’ve always thought she has nice hair and a pretty face. I always enjoyed her humor on “Cheers.” I wish her well on the show. It’ll be a lot of work and I’m sure Max will put her through the paces. I like her spirit and her spunk and while I don’t watch the show, I may have to check it out to see how she does. My biggest pet peeve is the Scientology bullshit. But other than that, I think she’s cool. We all have our own personal battles whether it’s weight or drinking or not exercising or junk food or whatever! I think she tries, and then blows it, just like the rest of dieting America.

  17. You just wonder how much more moey she (or any of them) would have had they not had to pony up the dough to that rediculous idea for a “church.”
    I’m betting Kirstie will be the first to go, or right up there in the firsts. Max will be dragging her lard ass around and she’ll be in long, figure disguising gown, completely covered, with her tits bulging out the top rediculously in Max’s face (to his utter disgust).
    Her twisted sideways facial features have always bugged me. She looks like she just came from getting a root canal without pain killers. Her eye winces on that side too which really adds to the effect. Plus her voice is just beyond obnoxiously grating…like a glass eating chain smoker. I won’t be able to handle watching her too long, but am thrilled to death they didn’t book “The Witch” politico who is so grating and tried to ride Sarah Palin’s coattails into office. I wouldn’t have watched the show AT ALL if she had indeed got on there.
    They need to go back to what the title says:
    Dancing with the STARS! Check out that cast and tell me how many “Stars” you actually SEE! Kendra Wilkinson? Really? A young woman famous for bedding an old old man so she could live in a mansion and not have to work or support herself, then got pregnant and married a ballplayer. Yeah, I’d say THAT makes HER a “star”.

  18. To any of you who haven’t figured it out yet, the above named “The American” is Gerard Vandenburg/Captain America/wim/and whatever his most recent rediculous incarnation was that escapes me now. Funny how he plays games, pretending to be “American” while denigrating them all the while. He is an illiterate homophobic asshole. THAT he can’t hide, no matter WHO he claims to be.

  19. Reta: “She looks like she just came from getting a root canal without pain killers.”

    lol Too Funny!!

  20. To hear Cruise, Travolta, etc. cite the wonders of Scientology, you would wonder why they don’t have an out-of the-world cocktail to melt the fat off Kirstie. WHEN will this cult be exposed for what it is, which is to make all the $$$ they can off idiot celebs.

    I read where DWTS is the most watched reality show since they began. The bigwigs know who to get to draw in massive viewers.

  21. I love DWTS and both Maks and Kirstie, though she should have been placed with Tony Dovolani. Organic Liaison is opening a branch near me. They keep saying it’s Kirstie’s place and unrelated to Scientology. Yeah right.

  22. Yes, Indy, but you must admit the participants are NOT “stars”. For the most part they are has beens and never was’s. They could really bring the whole show up if they just followed their own title. Wonder if it’s ever entered their minds, whoever is in control of such things?

  23. I personally know that Organic Liason is directly connected to “the church”. I cannot say how I know this but it is.

    I think it was a way to build a fresh contact list to recruit new members! Unhappy people on a diet are probably an easy mark for a cult.

  24. Anyone ever taken the Scientology exam to see if you would be a good member?
    I did. Nice looking chick invited me in off the street years ago. A real put on.
    Nope. My declared income was unacceptable. After the nice lady inspected my application, she really was not very nice to me anymore.
    I thought what kind of fucking religion’s criteria for acceptance is how deep your pockets are?
    Religion is just the window dressing.
    They are a survivalist, money cult. With Federal tax benefits.
    Sounds pretty stupid to me. Unless you like money.

  25. All “Churches/religious institutions” should pay taxes just like all other businesses have to. They are THE richest businesses out there and EVERYBODY knows it!

  26. The ‘Church” of Scientology owns so much property in the Tampa area that Tampa and the surrounding cities have serious budget problems. They cannot properly staff the police and fire departments because of the tax money that isn’t being collected on all that real estate.

    It makes me sick.

  27. I went to the Scientology Center in Clearwater, (outside of Tampa). I was scrutinized and followed for 2 blocks back to my car. These sub-humans are vicious. I’ve heard they are being investigated, but it will take a HUGE miracle to break them.

  28. I bet QL’s black “trainer” would love to work out Kirstie. She would feel almost at home between those fat legs! Might become a black Scientologist!

  29. Before Kirstie went to DWTS she should have had Gastric Bypass and lost the weight she needed to lose. Kirstie is not a bad dancer and it’s much easier to dance around the room.Maksim would have had troulble keeping up with her. She probably doesn’t believe in that surgery but it’s great. No more spanx and your body will thank you. Whatever goes down Kirstie I think your great and you look Marvelous .Keep on dancing , and keep telling Maks what you don’t like, I enjoy that.

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