Kim Kardashian’s most serious romance to date was with ballplayer Reggie Bush and they had an off and on relationship for years until he decided he didn’t want to be “tied down” and they split last year. So imagine her shock when Reggie promptly took up with Cuban model/singer Mayra Veronica, whose measurements are surprisingly similar to Kim’s! And six months later, Mayra is flashing a huge ring on her finger that spells commitment. Kim is not accustomed to rejection. We predict back problems for both women in the future.


  1. Janet, are those problems because they are always on their backs, or because big butts cause bad backs?

  2. I think Reggie Bush is the loser here!!
    KK, even with all of her publicity stunts probably would have given it all up for Bush. I think her love for him was authentic. He just couldn’t get over the sex tape she foolishly made when she was younger. I’m sure if she could take it all back, she would.

  3. His anaconda don’t want none unless you got buns hon’.

  4. this one looks just as fake as Kim, fake boobs, fake butt, fake nose. Kim is prettier, but that’s not enough

  5. Both of them already have plenty of “back” problems to date, let alone the future.

  6. Nonsense Janet re Kim K having issues. Have you seen who is Kim dating???? Gabriel Aubry! Why on earth would she miss Reggie Bush? It is Reggie who downgraded, not Kim.

  7. Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe all three were on The View today. Crimey, Khloe is twice as big as Kourtney, I mean really obvious.

  8. Reggie Bush has confirmed he is NOT engaged. Reggie has also confirmed that he has not spoken to Mayra Veronica in six months and that she has been going around telling people that they are enaged. Mayra sounds like a stalker.

  9. Well no doubt Mayra ia a fame whore and if she is into screwing someone like Reg she doesnt have much going for her anyway.

  10. The word out there why Reggie and Kim split was because he couldn’t handle all the hoopla around Kim. Sounded like he was jealous because she got more attention that he did. If this clone of Kim really is with Reggie, well then he got his “ideal woman” without all the nonsense that drove him nuts.

  11. new chick is fugly.
    KK was a beautiful girl until she started up with the cosmetic surgery.

  12. Truth is Reggie couldn’t get over watching his woman screw someone else (her publicity “wanna be famous” video). It’s embarrassing, who wants a porn of your wife with someone else? Seriously! I bet she claims someone hacked into her account with regard to this affair she had. That will be her out. She will fight this tooth and nail, I mean what woman wouldn’t fight and lie for a guy who gave her a $2 million dollar ring.

  13. There is nothing wrong with Ass and you can sqeeze it and torch it and hold it and hold on to it and it is a lovely part of the body to look at and it is pretty and if she wanted to lose that butt…She would have to get an operation and then she would be way too skinny and she is built very nice from her head to her toe and she is blessed with a Beautiful Butt that is in great shape and fits her lovely body.

  14. Mayra Verónica (born Mayra Verónica Aruca Rodríguez August 20, 1977 in Havana,
    Cuba), is a Cuban-born, American-raised model and singer who
    acquired her fame in the United States. Verónica’s role on
    Univision’s Don Francisco Presenta brought her to the attention of FHM magazine’s US edition.
    After appearing in FHM she was included in its 2004 calendar
    and went on to do additional magazine work. She made appearances on many Spanish language television shows, as well as
    appearing in music videos and television commercials.

    She is noted for being a spokeswoman for USO.

  15. Reggie was very lucky to be rid of KK but neither he or the Cuban “model” are nothing but fame seekers.

    Mayra seems happy to provide BLACK Reggie unlimited amounts of caboose in order to appear famous. Neither are anything special.

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