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It seems that Jennifer Grey’s biggest professional triumphs so far both involved dancing – “Dirty Dancing” in 1987 and “Dancing With The Stars” this week. The 50 year old Grey triumphed over much younger competitors including 20 year old Bristol Palin. We probably have Jennifer to thank for avoiding riots in the streets that might have happened if the less graceful Bristol had won. Jennifer and her little girl Stella, 9, arrived in New York for TV appearances.



  1. I have never understood the conventional “widom” that she ruined her looks (and career) with her rhinoplasty. Bollocks. She looks great!

    Now her father, on the other hand, with his pixie-delight-upturned-tinkerbell-cookie-cutter nose job is another story…

  2. Monah, you are correct, Joel Grey has a sort of a Michael Jackson nose, doesn’t he? He looked his best in full make up for Caberet! Not as scary with the clown face on.

  3. I can’t believe she risked being paralyzed for a few days or weeks of fame. It must be hard enough to practice and flip around like that if you are in tip-top shape, but one slip and miss would have been disaster.

  4. She is very pretty now but I liked her original nose too, now she looks cookie cutter cute

  5. Kyle Massey should have won!!!
    He has so much more charisma than JG.
    The show is rigged. Nuff said.

  6. Jennifer is 50, and had neck surgery and then during that they found cancer and she survived that and then went on DWTS and at 50 struggled with injuries to win with grace!

  7. J.G.’s got to be a complete imbecile if she truly did perform on this show with injuries that could paralyze her. For a mirror ball? Really?

  8. I doubt the risks were so very dramatic. It’s reality tv afterall; nothing is as conflict ridden as they make it seem.

  9. It’s amazing that Bristol Palin was able to develop a double chin in just two short weeks.

  10. I agree that she looked better with her original nose. As others have pointed out, she looks prettier now, but has no personality. Sarah Jessica Parker’s success underlines Grey’s drastic mistake.

    Parker’s nose is a big part of her success, because it made her unique and also less threatening to other women (if Parker had trimmed down her schnoz to a cute little button, she would have been an adorable little pixie, whom most men would have lusted after, and most women would have hated).

  11. She is wonderful. Congratulations, Jennifer.

    P.S. I am relieved that sanity won out and the best dancer really did win.

  12. I agree w/ Joanie, and I don’t think the show is rigged, but the fact is, a lot more viewers tuned in because Bristol stayed on as long as she did. (I wonder who was taking care of her baby during this time? Can’t see it being mom…) In the end, the best dancer always seems to win on DWTS — and it was definitely Jennifer this year. I think she looked terrific pre-nose job and now looks terrific post-nose job, by the way! 🙂

  13. Janet, what exactly does Jennifer’s age have to do with her ability to prevail over “younger dancers”.. (ie; Bristol Palin)?

    She’s 50 —not 80— and a damn *young* fifty, at that, in spite of her health issues.. which I agree, could NEVER have been as potentially risky/devastating as has been alleged. Had her physician warned her she was risking permanent disability by competing in a dance competition, does anyone here truly believe she would have done so? And with a family to raise??

    At the end of the day, it’s still a TV show and the drama must be present in order to bring in the ratings. No doubt a little ‘creative license’ was utilized to create that tension– lest we forget the injuries sustained in previous seasons by various competitors. Some even refer to it as “The DWTS Curse”.

    Nonetheless, Jen fought like the champ she is and deserved this win, imo. No question.

  14. I was used to viewing Jennifer as “Baby”. At
    50, she has grown into her looks and personalilty,and she looks great. No pain,no gain,I admire the fact that Jennifer hung in there knowing that she was in pain.Her determination to continue dancing with her partner only intensified her abililty to try to block out the pain in order to reach her final goal which was to win,and regardless of the controversial atmosphere of DWTS this year, Jennifer Grey made her partner Derek Hough a 3time champ.

  15. I think she looks much better without the big nose. What has that got to do with effing up her personality? She is the same. Also, I know TV has trickery regarding the dancing, but just one of those splits or jerking of the head could have spelled disaster. There have been many injuries, even to the pros.

  16. PS: I meant to add: You can throw out your back by sneezing or bending to tie a shoelace. There was def real danger at times, and I fail to see how it could be covered up with TV trickery. Some stars will do anything to get their name in the spotlight and I think Jennifer’s hubby was a little worried at times.

  17. Indy, when some of us said things like “she has no personality after the nose job”, we were talking about her appearance, the fact that there is no uniqueness to her look now. Actually, it is amazing the effect appearance can have on the impression of real personality. The last thing I saw her in was some sitcom about L.A. I know she was in it, but there was nothing memorable about her. If I compare that to Ferris Bueller, where she had incredible presence, I have to wonder if the nose did not have a little something to do with it.

  18. Naturally there was a nose…she is a true Yid and the original was not quite a Streisand special but was pretty pronounced.

  19. She deserved to win but should she have really been in this competition at all considering she’s a professional dancer? Aren’t they supposed to be newbs like Bristol? It was unfair to pit her against someone like Bristol who had no experience at all.

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