Here’s something you don’t see very often – Kim Kardashian wearing cargo pants and Ugg boots! Give her a hoody and she could be mistaken for any girl at the mall. You forget how petite she is because she is so rarely out and about in flat shoes.


  1. She’s a short fat dump truck that needs to rush home slip on some spanx and burn these pants that have never been good on fat chicks! She has made her fortune off minorities that love her for no good reason except that they think she’s a spic

  2. I love KK but she should burn this whole outfit.

    It does not flatter her in anyway!!

    She must have put this outfit together herself, instead of her stylist.

  3. Ordinary girl wearing enough makeup for the entire cast of Wicked, but otherwise I agree

  4. She used to be a stylist herself and is very good at concealing her flaws but cargo pants have never been a friend to chubster girls, they just make them look stubbier.

  5. She was Paris Hiltons asst and when she got the boot for attn whoring she took all of Paris hiltons contacts sold her Porno to the very same ppl and called carls jr who Paris had worked for in the past and did a commercial for them along the same vein too bad kk is not Aryan by conventional standards bcuz carls jr paid her only half of what they paid Paris and kks cj commerical didn’t do aswell as ph cj commercial did. So yes she is getting Paris hiltons jobs but at discounted rates. Looks like the cleaning lady that used to shop at the Camarillo outlets and by discounted cheap coach bags has come along way. Heck she even has real Hermes bags now too bad she’s just an asst cleaning woman at heart.

  6. One more thing, she has gone as far as to copy paris even further and will soon be releasing an album and video to go with it. Let’s see this fat dump truck get down everyone knows the cow can’t dance, she couldn’t even sway that trashbag with cellulite on dancing with stars.

  7. Al kay duh has his facts straight. Kim is working on an album with Kanye West. Who knows what else they’re working on.

  8. she better put some fuggin’ heels on befo’ her fat cellulite bowlin’ balls hit the ground ….
    what is it 4 inches away ?
    the face is hilarious ..
    she looks like a monster close up ..
    in paris everybody was laughin’ their asses off & she thought they were ‘fans’ ..
    ahahahaaaa so effen funny …LAWWWWWWD!

  9. Ordinary girl with her clothes but that face is at TOTAL hatchet job…Remind me again, why she is famous?

  10. From the comments of some of the blacks that have “dated” her…if some of the new scanners at the airports were to show the depth and diameter of her “organ” it would be very embarrasing!

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