Khloe Kardashian wants the world to know how much she is suffering due to her husband Lamar Odom’s drug problems and recent DUI, not to mention their shaky marriage. She’s feeling sorry for herself and announced dramatically on Twitter, “As much as I wish I were made of steel …I’m not.” She went on to assure her fans that her husbands troubles won’t break her, although they’re coming close to it. In the middle of all this self-pity she took time to post a glamour shot of herself on Instagram, looking suitably melancholy, proving that when you’re a Kardashian, any time is a good time for self-promotion.



  1. Aw, poor thing even took the time to apply false eyelashes before posing for her glamour shot.

  2. Boo hoo. That whole tribe should slink out of town. There is nothing that they won’t exploit. Everything is such a drama fest for them. Yeah, she must be crushed that she’ll milk him for big bucks and make several episodes on that crap show of theirs.

  3. People always want to say Khloe is the “nice” Kardashian, but let’s face it, they are ALL rotten. If my husband got arrested and/or was on drugs allegedly, would I put on 5 lbs of makeup and post a bunch of selfies of my new overstuffed lips? Uh … no.

  4. More Kardashian press releases JC calls news.

    What’s next…KK has a headache?

  5. This is such an absolutely disgusting family… I almost cannot find words !
    I wish this site were more widely seen, that my repugnance could reach more people!

  6. This scummy family would do anything for press and a buck. There is nothing too low for them to exploit. Khloe is as revolting/talentless as all the “family”. The sooner they stop getting media coverage and money from all their crap endorsements the better.

  7. After 4 hours of applying cosmetics, rather than looking sympathetic, the look came out as vomitous.

  8. Disgusting family! Is she f**king kidding? Feel sorry for her? I feel sorry for us, that we have to have this disgusting family shoved in our faces all the time. Don’t they have any feelings of SHAME? Ugly inside & out!

  9. The family will pay big $$$$$ to people like JC to keep pushing this trash as “important news” to keep themselves front and center.

  10. K-hoey is as krass as they come. She has had her issues with drugs and alchol too and is simply trolling for a new man. Won’t she be surprised when she is blacklisted in the NBA just like her dumb big ass sister was in the NFL. Those poor Jenner girls are going to be thrown into the world of the working girlz before they know what hit them. What vile pathetic excuses for human beings the KrapTrashan klan are.

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