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Keira Knightley’s musician boyfriend James Righton (The Klaxons) looks really young but it turns out he’s 28, and a year older than Keira. They were photographed together in London celebrating the release of her movie “A Dangerous Method.” Keira has admitted it took a few shots of vodka before director David Cronenberg could persuade her to do the nude scenes in the film, but we think she really overacted with many histrionics in all her scenes, vodka notwithstanding.


  1. She is too tiny and sickley. Looks like she is in desperate need of a Denny’s grand slam breakfast and an iv drip.

  2. Walt: Yeah, all that. Also, either padded bra or purchased silicone/saline implants. LOL(U)

  3. You mean she rather be with this kid than Fassbender? Or even Viggo?

  4. She might be too skinny and have no breasts but she was fantastic in A Dangerous Method and gets a lot of prestigous roles.

    Would you prefer to see Kim K or Pamela Anderson in a movie?

  5. Well, if by “fantastic,” you mean she chewed the scenery like it was her weekly lettuce ration, then, yeah, we’re in agreement.

    She does get prestigious roles. The question is why? I thought she was terribly miscast in A Dangerous Method; someone else should have been given a chance, IMHO.

    With Fassbender, Mortenson AND Vincent Cassel in the movie, the female lead role could have gone to someone we haven’t seen much of before. Cronenberg wasted his money paying for the overrated and overexposed Knightley.

  6. She’s so skinny it’s painful to look at her clothed; the audience would need shots of vodka to see her naked.

  7. She loves to pretend, but is actually a serial whiner .. how she does without.. to be too thin, for her art.., she freezes and is to hot, is hit and battered.. loves to be naked as much as possible.. you understand she starves for a reason, not for the vodka shots, she has the bravely to go nude, she just makes it easier for you to sympathize? Um.. take a bow bones and no fat exposed.. all of my hard’s pain, sacrifice.. emotionally unbearable, soul searing, enormous pain she suffers.. Just always give her the awards and applause.. she deserves it so much more than those other star slackers..

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