Ke$ha lost her balance in her platform shoes and nearly tumbled to her knees on a London street outside her hotel. She was returning from a radio show, not a nightclub. Fortunately she was holding onto her bodyguard at the time and he pulled her back up. Security guys do double duty now – they protect stars from aggressive fans, and make sure their clients don’t fall down in their precipitous shoes.

6 thoughts on “KE$HA TAKES A TRIP

  1. I like the kid’s music, but she does seem destined to be another Love, doesn’t she?

  2. Why women insist on wearing rediculous shoes like that I have no idea. They are NOT attractive, comfortable, or practicle. Seems like women are going out of their was to try to get broken ankles in those ugly things!

  3. Another talentless hack acting like a HO to distract from her obvious inability to sing or write a song that makes sense. So this is what passes for music? I think I’ll pull out my Squeeze/Clash cd’s.

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