Keanu Reeves: Ivy League


Photo Credit: Buzz Foto

You don’t see Keanu Reeves walking out of The Ivy very often- he’s not the “look at me!” type of actor. Keanu had lunch Tuesday with the female friend behind him carrying the food to go. Observers say they appear to be simply friends. Keanu didn’t clean up a LOT for the lunch – he reportedly had something that looked like chocolate stains on his jacket. And you can always depend on seeing THOSE SHOES… Still, we never seem to get tired of looking at him.

34 thoughts on “Keanu Reeves: Ivy League

  1. It’s not chocolate it’s the nasty exploding coffee to go from morning.
    My wife always brings extra shirts and pants for me now.
    I don’t know how many times I’ve pulled over half a block from Timmy Ho’s and smashed my sploded double double on the side of the road.
    Crazy with rage!

  2. so, you saying not only does he need a bath, but he should send his clothes to the cleaners?

  3. My new year’s wish? The troll will vanish. I love you Janet – just ignore the trollish creature.
    I love Keanu too. There is nothing to write about him except his hobo clothes. He’s a pretty normal, laid-back, easy living guy.

  4. J.C., do all of us a favor, and delete satan’s (nah, not that infamous), the creature’s comments. I need Clorox to cyber clean. I genuinely feel sorry for the loser. An amoeba (doesn’t have a clue what that is) has more class in its cytoplasm.
    Grow up, and get professional help.

  5. ok, now I get it, thanks!
    What does all this have to do with Keanu and his lesbian hiking shoes?
    at least he put on a jacket and wasn’t wearing a trucker’s hat and a tank top!

  6. Keanu smells almost as bad as the nut using my name in posts.Keanu,needs a bath and a comb…..Oye Vey

  7. You know he looks kinda like the man that cleans our pool at ,casa de jewberg in palm beach.such a sweet guy,but is it me or does he look a bit dirty in the private area?

  8. I bet he smells nice. How can you see his number in this photo? Looks just fine to me!

  9. I was thinking,he needs a good jewish gal with a nose job,like the gals here at casa de jewberg,to clean him up and take care of him

  10. What happened Nicole?
    Why so angry?
    Who and what created Nicole?
    No hugs for you.

  11. wtf is up w/these postings???
    good for Janet….people are reading this blog of yours.
    but lame ass comments from …???
    casa de jewberg??

  12. Mel, you ignorant slut….exit these boards STAT.
    Your Parole Officer

  13. Janet
    Thank you for “covering” Keanu-
    even if it’s to critique his clothes or cleanliness- he is the hotness…and so worthy of the love…
    I wish it were me loving him, but what can you do?

  14. Oye the casa is mine and marvins vacation home in miami.Its an inside joke,wasnt meant to offend.We just love it there. Sunshine and sunsets make my bagel moist……Oye Vey.

  15. there’s nothing sexier than someone in the spotlight who doesn’t give a shit and doesn’t try to be sexy.

  16. he seems kind of neat but def seems like he has “emotional problems” and since i have some myself, i need a guy who is stable.

  17. I have to say I like him (as in yes, Keanu, I will marry you). He is totally the opposite of Tom Cruisecontrol. He hasn’t fallen into the Hollywood bullshit. He’s just happy being who he is.

  18. Dear Copchop, or in your case, porkchop is probably more fitting. Get a life and leave one of the sweetest people I’ve ever known alone. How the fuck do you get off on calling a saint a slut you fucken moron?

  19. I think he looks hot!! He is living a normal life among all those phony celebrities. He dresses and lives the way he wants and doesn’t care what anyone thinks. Gee, maybe he spilled something while he was eating – that ever happen to anyone – only you get to leave and get in your car without being photographed or having mean things said about you. Kean will always be “The One”

  20. I just adore him. He is the most charming. He could have a drink/meal/chat with me whenever he would like. Je s’adore!

  21. He is what he is , that’s why people love him and wish him all the best.

  22. He is a nice, and beautiful man. I love you Keanu.I wish you well.

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