Keanu Reeves has been working in Berlin for MONTHS and paparazzi know when he’ll be leaving his hotel for the set every day, so we see loads of photos of him. Keanu usually has soaking wet hair when he walks out of the hotel and we’ve never seen him wear a mask. He’s been in Germany working back to back on Matrix 4, followed by TWO installments of John Wick, and he seems to like it there. His girlfriend Alexandra Grant has been with him most of the time, and they’ve been seen together at restaurants and art galleries- without masks. It must be love- they even SHOP together! It’s odd- Keanu doesn’t seem like an anti-mask type…

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA



  1. Janet you need to get a life. What is it to you? it says right on the mask box “does not protect you from Covid”. You have to be all shades of stupid to keep peddling this shit.

  2. We’ll, maybe he can’t wear a mask due to a medical condition OR maybe no one has taken his picture when he’s wearing a mask.

  3. Perhaps he doesn’t wear a mask because they are completely worthless for preventing the Chinese flu.

  4. good gravy! just because he doesn’t wear a mask when he’s outside doesn’t make him “anti-mask.” is there no sensible middle ground with people? wearing a mask outside with minimal people around is over-kill and stupid. Wearing a mask indoors in a small crowded area makes sense for all. Get a grip everyone and stop being one side or the other. please use some common sense.
    if you want to wear a mask outside please go ahead, but don’t judge fully vaccinated people … all the virtue signaling is exhausting

  5. Janet is such an imbecile she probably wears a face diaper when alone in her car with the windows rolled up. Diapers belong on your ass Janet not your face. Put that Depends where it belongs.

  6. Keanu is according to all accounts a nice man and a smart man. His acting chops are debatable but he’s certainly a successful actor. I agree with Janet. Nice, smart people wear masks. You’re letting your fellow man down, Keanu, although he may be more comfortable in Germany with its higher vaccination rate and lower conservative covidiot rate.

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