What IS going on between Katy Perry and Russell Brand? First she says she wants to take time off this year to try and have a baby, and now she’s celebrating the holidays WITHOUT her husband! US magazine says Katy and Russell had a nasty spat and she cancelled plans to bring her family to London on a private jet to celebrate with Russell’s relatives. After the argument, Katy took off for Hawaii with friends while Russell stayed alone in the UK. Insiders say Katy doesn’t like Russell’s attitude toward her religious family and he’s not fond of her friends. Celebrating Christmas apart IS a big thing. (Above, Katy in hat on the beach)



  1. Well, better that they each blow off steam and get back together after the holidays. If being apart at Christmastime keeps the marriage together, who are we to say that’s not a positive thing? Plus, you have to admit: if you’re not a super Fundamentalist, being with that sort of family (Katy’s) would be a bit trying at this time of year. 🙂

  2. Maybe Brand isn’t pleased with Katy’s latest hit song, “In Another Life”? Katy seems to be singing about an ex-boyfriend, maybe Travie McCoy? I thought about this while singing to the song, and wondered if it would bother ME if I were Russell Brand(That is of course if she did indeed write the song). If so, I think it would bother me just a lil’ bit.

    They always seem to me to be an odd match anyway. If religion IS a factor, he’s in a losing battle.

  3. Not sure if Brand had close friendships growing up. Perhaps, he just doesn’t understand them. Although I am not a fan of
    Brand, I don’t like seeing relationships or friendships or careers circling the bowl.

    He looks like he would be funny. He is oddly interesting but he has nothing humorous (at least not to me) to say. I would like to see him get a decent comedy script and make it work.

    If someone cannot get along with your family and your friends, then they have problem. Hope they can work it out.

  4. For some reason this saddens me. With all the hate that some people throw at them as a couple, I am hoping they will make it. Perhaps Christmas is not such a big thing to them. She certainly seems to have thrown off her fundamentalist upbringing. And frankly, being on the beach in Hawaii at Christmastime without warring relatives sounds like heaven to me.

    I also work with someone whose son’s wife is off in Europe at this time while he’s here with the kids visiting his family. No intention to split, just an appreciation for religious differences.

  5. Katy Perry looks totally different without make up. People Magazine is reporting that neither Russell nor Katy are wearing wedding rings.

  6. anything for publicity….gotta make up for the lack of talent….’let’s pretend to fight so news will talk about us’…..

  7. Biz deal a sham of a marriage besides, he’s a sex addict like duh he’s banging everything he can get his hands on.

  8. He is fugly and looks like he never showers. Why oh why would she marry this crazy sex addict, who is not to be trusted.

    I have seen many pics of her without make-up. Of all the pics of celebrities I have seen without make-up, Katy without make-up is hugely scary, totally unrecognizable.

  9. NEVER marry a bipolar man. That’s just guaranteed domestic violence, cheating, lying, drug use ect. Mel Gibson anyone???

  10. By now, you’ve all heard he filed for divorce. I don’t like him at all, he’s NOT funny. I’ve seen him on late night talk shows and he never says one funny thing, but HE seems to think he’s a riot! I think she is cute, and feel sorry for her that her marraige didn’t last as I know this really meant something to her.

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