Katie Holmes and her partner Jeanne Yang have been quietly selling out their collections at upscale stores like Barneys so they’re taking the business to the next level. Celebrity stylist Jeanne has been dressing Katie for years and Suri’s love of fashion up actually inspired Katie to start the Holmes & Yang label. It’s still a secret, but Katie and Jeanne are preparing to open their first Holmes & Yang store in Beverly Hills this year. They’re in the process of remodeling a shop on Beverly Drive. Some girls have all the luck.

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  1. Is there some subtle fashionista competition going on between Katie and former bestie Victoria Beckham?

  2. The lines look classic, but the bag is way too big and inappropriate for a skimpy dress.

  3. diva, I was wondering about the $$$ to Scientology also. I’m sure whatever tiny Tom Hitler deems should go to it, that she will pony it up immediately.

    Fools of the first degree are in to Scientology. This is an unspeakable demonic and evil cult, out for one thing only, $$$. To Google and read all about SCI makes you wonder how can celebs be this stupid and gullible.

  4. Katie has some fierce style sense and I am sure she will have no problem making major moola!! Does anyone remember last spring Katie went out with her jean cuffs rolled up. The next week all the celebrities were sporting the same style.

    GGG (Girl’s Got Game)

    GO, CANUCKS, GO!!!

  5. She looks humdrum, beat, miss-matched most of the time.. wonder why? Bad business rep..

  6. Selling rags to the upper-crust. Try getting a real job.

  7. ALL of the above dresses look incredibly already DONE. Seen then already over and over, EVERBODY has something like this out in their line. My GAWD does every so-called “actress” have to be a “designer” nowadays? Seems like they ALL do today, and so far nothing really magical has come of it, nothing that breaks the sky open, nothing like we see on the runways from the REAL designers.

    Plus, Katie’s piece’s above are so drab in color, as is the way SHE usually dresses, I don’t know why anybody but HER would buy them or wear them. And I’ll bet they cost a few hundred just because they come from a fancy store and have her connection to them.
    Personally, I think anybody who goes into a store like that and buys an overpriced regular everyday looking dress needs to have their head examined.
    I’m a TJ Maxx and Marshalls girl and LOVE getting bargains!

  8. Continued best to Katie and her family.
    All the best to her New business endeavors!!

  9. I read a testimony from a previus Scientology member who claimed they had rooms for those who wanted to indulge in uhhh shall we say..gay activities. There is also a SCI plastic surgeon stashed in another room, on and on, you get the picture.

    But what is worst of all, SCI is responsible for many deaths. Just enter the name…Lisa McPherson. (no dot com needed)…she died at their hands. A few yars ago, Lisa Marie Presley almost died when the SCI doctor refused correct help for her.

    I hope Tom Cruise and company wake up before it’s too late, but that’s not likely to happen….it’s already too late for most of them.

  10. yep, as serious as fucking tom cruise with a dildo, folks!!

  11. Luck? I suppose having Tom want her as a beard was the luck part…? No one really believes she’d be doing this if they never married, right?

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