Jeff Goldblum, 58, is still going strong with successful model Lydia Hearst, 26, – they turned up for brunch at The Bungalow on Larchmont. Skinny Lydia ate a burger without the bun and Jeff couldn’t stop showering her with kisses, according to another diner. Lydia, you may recall is the daughter of heiress Patty Hearst, of the William Randolph Hearst publishing family, and her father was her mother’s bodyguard before they got married. Now he’s the head of security for the Hearst Corporation. We’re betting Lydia’s never even seen “The Fly.”


  1. For a straight guy, Jeff sure takes good care of himself.

    He and Geena were well-matched in “The Fly”—and as a real life couple, at least for a while.

    Lydia looks like her mom, but whatever do she and Goldblum talk about or have in common?

  2. Jeff probably calls her “my little 401K”—as an endearment, of course! 🙂

  3. Daddy should chaperone Goldblum away asap. Talk about age inappropriate.

  4. Mona Garrett, “Jeff probably calls her “my little 401K”—



    Jeff is one year older than her mother

  5. Correction: He got himself an heiress who sometimes models.

  6. This dude has always creeped me out. How could anyone thing he is desirable.

  7. How creepy. I wonder how Patty Hearst feels about her daughter dating someone the same age as her (Patty).

  8. One sick puppy he is.. I won’t be surprised if he dies in a dishonorable way like David Carradine

  9. I can’t believe this guy is morally as dishonerable as this. He should step away immediately and cut all ties with this young lady. How he could live with himself, let alone look at himself in the mirror after touching any part of her, let alone having any sexual encounter with her boggles my mind.

    I used to admire him and search out things he was in, but no more. He’s done in my book.
    I wish he and Geena would have worked out because I thought they made a great couple, both of them being so intelligent.
    Doing THIS kind of thing however makes me think he has lost his real mind and is only working with his little head now. He looks old and gray, and she is young and bright and just starting her journey. I feel horrible for her because she obviously is still very immature and working from a place of childish “love” that she thinks is the “real thing”. It’s NOT. I feel so bad for her, I’m sure, worried parents. Too bad he can’t be put in jail for this.
    Goldblum, you’ve just lost a huge fan!

  10. That’s so sick. Am sure he has a big supply of Viagra handy next to his bed.

  11. thats right down gross he should be a shamed of his self he is way to old for her she needs a good looking guy more her age not no washed up actor thats hurts people

  12. jeff your sick in the head to mess with such a young girl you need someone your own age ( oh wait sorry they all taken or passed on sorry dude try a local woman you may have more luck say okla perhaps

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