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This is how they did it: Remember the scene in The Godfather where Sonny, played by sexy James Caan, got pumped full of bullet holes? This is how they made it look real in the 70’s – with fishing line….

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  1. Slow news day?

    What does fishing line have to do w/ anything?

  2. Janet, next time an unbloodied James Caan circa The Godfather photo please. Sexy, sexy, sexy.

  3. Walt, thanks for jogging my fuzzy brain. I DO remember that now. And really, I never thought much of him in the way of looks, acting, or anything. Isn’t he also pretty short? His son, who is now getting shoved onto the public thanks to his easy in with his father, is even shorter. I TRIED to watch the new Hawaii 5-0 because I like the actor who came from “Lost” that is now on it. But I couldn’t handle the shorter version of James Caan who is even uglier. I just couldn’t get past him enough to really watch the show and I tried it maybe three times. He did nothing for me the whole time but irritate the crap out of me whenever he was on screen.

  4. Back in the early 70’s James Caan stole many hearts portraying the football player stricken with cancer in the (Bromance) movie of the week Brian’s Song. Billy Dee Williams played the role of good friend and football buddy Gale Sayers to Caan’s Brian Piccolo. This based on a true story drama was one of the few movies that was a tearjerker for even the strongest of male emotions.
    I can easily believe that James Caan’s son Scott is trying to find his own way, considering the fact that he has played a role in all 3 of the Oceans movies with Clooney and the “New” Rat Packers!!

  5. ………..getting a good cup of coffee is a hard job in L.A.

  6. scott caan is a BABE short or not ( AL, DUSTIN, MARTIN et al again)

    again with the short shrift shit
    he’s got a hairy chest a nice head of hair and a very very nice face
    the only reason i would kick him out of bed is the fuck him on the floor.
    to each
    i’d growl for more and probably get it 🙂

    and YES Brians SONG still a tear jerking classic today….

    SCOTT!! You’re the boss.

  7. Pit BuLL LOVER, I’m with you! Scott is gorgeous. Nobody appeals to everybody, but Scott is a real hottie, IMHO. I’ve liked James Cann ever since I saw Brian’s Song in the 70s, and IMO, he just spit Scott out. They look SO much alike.

  8. Hey Reta, Yes, he is shorter than one would think. In his prime his height was said to be five feet nine inches. I always thought he was shorter than that. Due to the abuse, I didn’t care much for his acting.

    I never liked Chad Everett after he called his wife his property (I think on the Dick Cavett Show).

  9. Casonia logenberry..Enough about Hells kitchen this people don't even know I am alive? But A.B.C. TV is taking off One life to live and replacing it a show call The Chew and..I say Screw The Chew and leave my Roger Howarth alone. says:

    I have seen that movie before and it is a real classic and special effects are incredible ground breaking and…God Father was a real hard core pushy aggressive movie. James Caan is a real good actor…Like him.

  10. Creative and Really something else and this set a standard for the future as well and it is wonderful to share special effects with the world and gather credit for it and othere people can take what you gave to them and twist it and turn it down the road?

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