Scott Disick is very aware that consorting with the Kardashians can be profitable, but we bet that Kris Humphries is surprised that HIS career is getting better also. Our fellow gossip, CJ at the Star Tribune, pointed out that statistics reveal that media-phobic Kris has been playing the best basketball of his life since he started dating Kim Kardashian. He’s averaging more points per game and he’s getting more time on the court. He’s become more valuable to the NJ Nets, so it might be a positive career move to keep kickin’ it with Kim.

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  1. Maybe Kris will inspire Kim’s performance too. That one note smut in her eyes camera look is getting old.

  2. JC is more than happy now to run all the Kardashian stories. Maybe they have outbid the J Lo flaks so were are avoiding more on her.

  3. Maybe he’s just playing better and it has nothing to do with her.

  4. It’s called Booty Power!!

    KK definately has an ample amount to spare.

    I really can’t see any man wanting to be her sidekick though. The constant paparazzi attention has got to be wearing on any relationship. The price of fame I suppose. I think she will have to choose between $$$ and LOVE. What a choice.

  5. Hopefully, but doubtfully, his parents will see this one picture and shake some sense into him. Or maybe someone should give him a copy of her sex tape with the black Ray J.

  6. Denise: again, I am with you 100%. But have you noticed something odd with her face lately? It seems to be changing SHAPE from what I recall of older pics. Cheek implants? I certainly hope not, but can’t figure it out. Her and Kourtney just told Piers Morgan what “plastic surgery” they’ve had and Kourt copped to boobs only (I believe her, she seems the most normal of them) and Kim said NONE. Not sure I believe her. Hope she doesn’t turn into this generation’s “Joan River’s face syndrome.”

  7. Reta, I noticed there was something suddenly different about her face in the recent past too. She’s 31 now. Would a face full of Botox used regularly as a preventative measure against developing wrinkles give someone an other-worldly look? She used to look normal, but to me at least she doesn’t look fully human anymore.

  8. I am so sick of that whorish come-hither look, which is the only look you ever see on her slutty looking face. She must spend hours looking in the mirror to get it just right. I can’t imagine a real man with high moral standards ever looking at her. But, on the other hand, there are not many of this kind of man left.

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