Kanye West is entitled to his opinion that Kim Kardashian should be on the cover of Vogue. He told Ryan Seacrest that she’s the “most intriguing woman right now.” He went on to say that reality stars are overlooked by mainstream fashion magazines but “we’re collectively the most influential with clothing. No one is looking at what Barack Obama is wearing, and Michelle Obama cannot instagram a bikini pic like what my girl instagrammed the other day.” Yes. He said THAT. Kanye, who continues to embarrass himself verbally, once explained his dropping out of school with “Some career goals don’t require college,” but every time he opens his mouth he proves otherwise.

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  1. Steals ideas and concepts from others, speaks like a bully, acts like a spoiled child, imagines things he isn’t, can’t and won’t do.. It’s all throw money around and pretend I am superior.. see how loud, shiny and big that is.. it’s me.. doesn’t comprehend what he says is stupid.. and what he does is foolish.. has little empathy for others, it’s his way or you get credit somehow so that’s bad, I hate that.. is why we know he is just a boring jerk..

  2. Janet, while I consider Kanye West a prime pain in the rear, he clearly used his intellect to earn more money than you’ll ever earn in your lifetime.

    While I think his extreme case of narcissism should require medication, he’s absolutely correct that “some career goals don’t require an education” and has proved his point.

    Did you earn a college degree to become an editor or magazine gossip columnist? Kanye has no college education, he’s much younger than and his bank account contains millions that yours doesn’t.

    You’re the one who appears to have no intellect insinuating that Kanye’s statement is false when it’s actually true.

    Some career goals don’t require college and every time Kanye opens his mouth he proves that until he stops making millions and can live off Kim. Brilliant move Kanye! But I wish you both would hop on a plane that doesn’t land. I’m sick of seeing both of you looking uncomfortable together.

  3. Lola Lisa, I completely agree with your first part of your post. Janet’s bank account is no doubt, pretty pathetic in comparison compared to KW. But we all know that the real reason for This post, and that is to bring the racist pigs out for their daily diarrhea rant.

    As for Kim & Kanye being so talked about, if it weren’t for them, what in the hell would everyone talk about? I think the Ol’ gossip circuit would be pretty damn boring and “pathetic”

  4. Hey! Kanye looks like Grumpy Cat with his turned-down mouth, and Grumpy Cat has more followers.

  5. Kanyes lack of intelligence is embarrassing and there is nothing intriguing about Kim, for goodness sakes we’ve seen her ovaries.

  6. If that’s the case, he failed. All he has done is made people think he’s a black Alec Baldwin. A leftist jerk with anger management issues. And if he’s so smart, why is he with that intellectual light weight skank slut whore Kim?

  7. Poor Lola Lisa….the real tragedy is that JC continues to take flak PR money to call this news.

    Ghetto trash is all it is.

  8. They are both disgusting subhumans being forced on us. They are repulsive!

  9. Have you noticed, he never calls Kim by her name? It’s either my girl, my bitch, or Kim Kardashian. It couldn’t be any more obvious they are using each other for mutual gain. He dresses like he’s homeless, she can’t ever seem to find any clothing that actually covers her, they are just a joke but somehow they can’t see it. Michelle Obama went to law school, what did Kim do besides get f’d in the arse for money.

  10. what would you call supposedly white girl who has opened herself up to every BLACK man on the street?

  11. Kim has been on more poles than the American flag. And she’s paying Kanye to be with her, to speak highly of her, and to bang her. I’m wagging my tongue waiting for the thrill to be gone between these two lust nuts. Kim purchased the Lamborghini for Kanye thinking he’ll never leave her. What a desperate w h o r e.

  12. “more poles than the American flag.” Just when I thought Kim being the “most intriguing” woman was the funniest thing I’d read today.

  13. She and Jlo have had more BLACK meat than is contained in a field of Angus cattle.

  14. He needs to pick up a book and read it. This guy drives me over the edge and just a copy cat what other’s have already done. He is not a genius, he is a wannabe that thanks to Jay Z made one good CD, everything else has been pure racist junk. And there is absolutely nothing interesting about Kim Kardashian. She is not even educated.

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