We could not resist posting this adorable photo of California girl Kamala Harris when she was eighteen and graduating from Westmount High School in Quebec. (Her mother got a research job in Canada for a few years.) As an independent voter, we are excited and hopeful that we will have a female vice president and perhaps eventually a female president. This woman is super-qualified and we LOVED the way she raked the questionable Brett Kavanaugh over the coals during his Supreme Court confirmation hearings. What this country really need is more women in office.

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA



  1. If sleepy Joe and Karmala win the USA will spiral right into the hands of communist China, where this curious virus was spawned.

  2. Joe must be senile to make such a ridiculous choice. I’ll sit out this election. Kamala is a complete disaster.

  3. Janet, why don’t you have any gossip anymore instead of just cheerleading for Democrats? FFS another gossip site said that Kamala attended swing parties with Willie Brown & there are compromising photos out there. Get some good sources again, FFS.

  4. Janet have you lost your marbles? Kamala put black men in prison on trumped up pot charges and ruined their lives. What’s progressive about that? I still cannot understand why the dems chose this senile old pervert. Why didn’t they pick Tulsi? She could have actually done something.

  5. Imagine! An educated intelligent Vice President who doesn’t do a jerky prayer circle with a bunch of old white thumpers to pray away a virus. How’s that workin? The only reason the white moron doesn’t get more horrible press is because his boss, the orange moron, is an abomination.

  6. I guess LEftist Koont JNUT forgets that her beloved corrupt Kuntmala dropped out of the presidential race early because no one liked her. I also love how JNUT says she is an “independent” voter. Hogwash, JNUT is a leftist idiot whose as politically ignorant as the rest of hollyweird.

  7. JNUT not only supports a woman whoi tried to run an innocent man’s life (Brett KAvanaugh) on fake rape charges by a charlatan democrat operative Christine B. Ford, this pathetic excuse of a female JNUT also supports Harris who said SHE ALSO BELIEVED THE RAPE VICTIM OF JOE BIDEN, Tara Reade. You can’t find a bigger dope of a hypocrite leftist than JNUT. It’s time to cancel Janet “who is a” Charlatan.

  8. See how threatened they are by a woman of substance, it seems a lot of your readers, Janet, are impotent or incels or both.

  9. The ignorant Right wing comments here are appaling. Trump has sung the prase of China and yet, Ted’s Nugent, thinks the Dems will play into their hands? Right, while Ivanka got patents to do business there. Frank Sheeran neglects to mention Kavanugh did not take a lie detector test even though he legally opined it was a valid resource to evaluate credibilty. Dr. Ford requested to take one, did and passed. Others here brought up cases Kamala Harris had without detail. The fact is Biden/Kamala is what is needed now. If Biden were in charge, we would not be suffering the horendous deaths we are. See USA Jan. 2020 for Biden’s warning to us while the idiot in WH was saying it was just going away. And now Trump is praising a potential North Carolina Qanan conspiracy theories that will come to congress!! And he praises a quack doctor who believes in demon sex and alien DNA. And yet the right wing nust who comment here don’t care or are just dumb.

  10. Biden/Harris will be great in the WH. We can finally have educated, articulate people in charge.

  11. Are there enough willfully negligent voters to vote in Biden/Harris?
    Are there enough puppies and dead people to vote in Biden/Harris through mail in voting?
    Of course there is.

  12. Democrats are always supposed to have a perfect candidate while Republicans get away with selecting Trump: an adulterer with multiple bankruptcies and thousands of lawsuits pending. A failed president who is doing everything in his power to steal the election.

  13. Totally agree Dan Dan …you can always tell the men that shake at the sight of a strong woman ..there’s an orange one ruining the country right now . Good Luck Joe and Kamala !

  14. Kamala is so strong that she can suck a golf ball through a straw!

    And let’s not forget how Kamala got her start? She got her start by letting Willie Brown pounder in her a$$ and he then appointed her to a $70K State Gov job. That’s not how a strong woman gets ahead. That’s how a ho does. And she’s a ho.

  15. Willie nailed it, after he got finished nailing Kamala multiple times!

  16. If the vile, misogynistic comments here genuinely represent the readership here, I’m appalled. Remember – how you speak of others reflects who YOU are, it says nothing of anyone else.

  17. No Sue, Kamala plays that card too……calling out others in the worst language and screaming “racist” when the truth is told about her.

    She was ready, willing, and eager to “date” married Willie Brown in order to revive a failing career. What do you call that, if not pay to play?

  18. Strom, I call that kind of conjecture debasing. You have the right to vote how you please, take it and ditch the trash talk. END

  19. Prove Strom wrong, Sue. Take him to the woodshed.
    But no one cares if your feelings are hurt.
    And most know he’s correct.

  20. While Willie Brown was still married, when he was dating Kamala, he had been legally separated from his wife for 10 years.
    Facts matter!

  21. Huh? I guess Kamala goes for the grandfatherly types?
    When it suits her!

  22. So where is your outrage of trump cheating on his wife a month after she had his son ? on cheating on all of his wives? as usual , crickets

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