Montecito, CA - Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have decided where they want to live and purchased an 18,000 square foot mansion, that rests on 5.4 acres, in Montecito , California, about 90 miles from Los Angeles. Some of their new neighbors include Oprah Winfrey, Elle DeGeneres, Rob Lowe and George Lucas. Harry and Meghan apparently got a great deal, since the property had previously sold for $ 29 Million, but they were able to purchase it for $ 14,650,000. The mansion is a palatial residence with 9 bedrooms and 16 bathrooms. It has a huge swimming pool, a cinema, a complete gym, a spa, a library, an office, a huge wine cellar, state of the art kitchen, entertainment and game room, a tennis court, a five car garage, and a large playground where Prince Archie will be able to enjoy hours of fun.The property is on a private paparazzi proof road, where they can enjoy privacy. They also can enjoy amazing panoramic views of the ocean and mountains. Pictured: Harry and Meghan's new home BACKGRID USA 12 AUGUST 2020 BYLINE MUST READ: The Grosby Group / BACKGRID USA: +1 310 798 9111 / UK: +44 208 344 2007 / *UK Clients - Pictures Containing Children Please Pixelate Face Prior To Publication*


The formerly royal couple Harry and Meghan have finally purchased a piece of California and it’s a winner. Their new 18,000 sq ft estate in Montecito has five and a half glorious acres and SIXTEEN bathrooms! The property was once priced at 26 million, but Harry and Meghan scooped it up for $14,650,000. All the usual frills are included – home theater, tennis court, formal gardens, guest quarters, fully equipped gym, five car garage, and the basement has a playroom with a vintage Wurlitzer jukebox and pinball machines. Little Archie will be thrilled with the large fantasy playground for kids (bottom left in photo.) Top all this off with the delicious California weather, and it appears the runaway royals made the right move.

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA


  1. William tried to protect his little ginger brother.
    Too much of his mother in him. Careening down the darkened tunnel.

  2. It is such a shame that tabloids persist in selling the hate for Harry and Meghan. Neither deserve it or have earned it. I wish them nothing but happiness. They could have changed and improved the institution of royalty for the better and the UK is the ultimate loser. Charles will become King when he is in his 80s, William will become King when he is in his 60s and we all will ignore them due to their being generations removed from reality.

  3. Two albatrosses on that property, and one is the house.

  4. 16 bathrooms? I thought these two were Eco-warriors? Why do Environmentalists need such a massive carbon sucking palace? OMG what a fraud these two are.

  5. They are the laughing stock of the world. Totally useless. The reason Harry left England is because he has no Windsor blood in his veins.

  6. I wonder who paid for that house most probably NOT those two freeloaders they both are a waste of space

  7. What wasteful lives. Just two people who feel entitled to live a useless life and have everyone ooh and ahh. As Garth used to say on SNL, I’m gonna hurl….

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