Justin Bieber is smiling because he finally got what he was aiming for: a mug shot and a rap sheet! He’s been trying to leave his teen-idol milquetoast image far behind him by hanging out with young thugs in training. The silly 19 year old has also been piling on the tattoos, promoting drug use, boozing, and throwing money around in strip clubs in pursuit of a gangster image. Every time the police “harass” him he feels more like a man. Yesterday’s arrest for DUI and drag racing is the icing on the cake – Justin’s swagger has increased incrementally. (Apparently his father has the same problem.)


  1. That’s my thought too Janet. I was hoping this would be a wake up call for him to change but I’ve got a feeling this will make him feel cooler and make him think he’s got ‘street cred’. Such a shame. The kids today all idolize thugs and whores.

  2. Can’t someone in America just deport this mini- man back to Canada! ?
    He is trulyl just an annoying little fart….where’s my weed killer?

  3. If he thinks this makes him cooler, then he’s going to end up dead or in prison for a long time.
    This will just cause him to go farther off the rails.
    I really hope that happens, because then he won’t be around to bother anyone!

  4. What a stupid little twerp. One of these days the real world just might slap him upside the head!

  5. What Bieber wants is to be BLACK. The arresting cops should have stripped him and thrown him in a cell with BLACK gays and they could have all taken turns on him.

  6. He is a twerp. No big deal for him getting arrested as he has “people” and the money to get bailed out of jail. Most people sitting in the cooler for a few days are trying to get enough money just to bail out. For him no biggie.

  7. Turn him over to BLACK homo’s and let them have a go at him…he can then join and have something in common with many of the JC Rainbow brigade!


    The VAST majority of Pedophiles are WHITE HETEROSEXUAL MALES. But, when do facts ever really matter to delusion racist homophobes? BEING GAY and being a PEDO are TWO DIFFERENT things!

    Every parent and young women should not spend one cent on the garbage produced by someone who frequents strip clubs and prostitutes. JB is another no talent child, pimped out by his hypocrite Christian parents. Maybe they should spend less time manipulating him and funding their anti-choice Bible Thumping agenda and more time trying to raise a decent person that respects women!

  9. This will not end well. He’ll end up killing someone and his people will continue to make excuses for him.

  10. Strom, it sounds like you’ve given this a lot of thought, as if it’s actually your fantasy, your obsession. Real creepy Dude.

  11. Poor Zooey, the creepy one is the Bieber and his antics are causing everyone problems. JC’s Rainbow brigade is a proponent of the Gays and should support Bieber’s joining their ranks.

  12. CDaN reports that the twerp’s father set up the barricades for the race, and his mom is the twerp’s drug supplier.

  13. What do the parents care.. worth more assets free if he’s dead than alive to them..

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