John Travolta and his long-suffering wife Kelly Preston put on a happy face for the premier of his movie “The Savages.” They even insisted on kissing for the cameras. Because of his ongoing gay scandal, John has been avoiding doing publicity for the movie so it was a surprise to see him at all. He and Kelly just returned from Hawaii where they were laying low, trying not to answer questions. The first photo of John and the pilot Doug Gotterba writing the book about their 80’s affair appeared in this week’s Enquirer. And a former cruise worker filed suit against Travolta this week for embracing him while naked.


  1. We know, the world knows, and Kelly knows that she is locked to him forever, and that these public pics are strictly for show. Scientology probably offered her a huge amou$t to stay with him and not write a tell-all. And she could command a luxurious suite at the SCI Center for her to stay when John was ummmm entertaining his ummmm friends. Besides that, where is she gonna go? Besides that, she knows Scientology can and will kill you and make it look like an accident. SCI has had many killed and many have gone into hiding for fear of this cult. And they certainly don’t want one of their largest givers to be hurt even more, so Miss Kelly is now a very very wealthy woman. Who would want to be her regardless of her vast wealth?

  2. that hair piece of his looks awful. It looks like his head is spray painted black. An egghead.

  3. The Scientologists must have slipped her some ‘vitamins’

  4. What is wrong with Kelly Preston? She was shot by her former fiance and is now allowing her gay husband’s need for cover to rule her life and that of her kids. Kelly, WHY?

  5. This display is on a par with Michael Jackson/Lisa Marie kissing. Cringeworthy.

  6. EXCELLENT post Christine India. Right on the money.

    Janet, why do you say she is long suffering? She was in on this from the start when the Nat. Enq. first published stories from Paul Baressi in 1991 and then bam, out comes Kelly and soon after, a “marriage”.

    Now she’s trapped and deserves the bed she made. It is embarrassing to continue the charade. We all know the score. Just fess up already.

    He’s likable and will be quickly forgiven. See Richard Chamberlin.

  7. John where is my sequel to From Paris with Love? Kelly, stack them gold and silver coins.

  8. Travolta in the late 1980’s tried to pick up my Ex-boyfriend in the Valley! True story!

  9. Thanks Camalita. He for sure will be forgiven, as Richard Chamberlain and others was, because most all GollyWeird is liberal and sympathetic to gays.

    As to Scientology—-I’ve told this true story before. We went into the COS in Clearwater, Fl, pretending to think it was a hotel. The whole time we were there, cameras were everywhere, weirdos were walking around with a glazed look and you could feel a demonic presence. When we left to go to the car about 3 blocks away, we were followed by two goons for 2 full blocks. We got the hell out of dodge and fast. Seems the richer celebs are the dumber they are to join this horrible cult. They have killed many: See Lisa McPherson, killed by Scientology.

  10. The jig is up. He’s gay and the world knows it. No one cares who he sleeps with (unless there is a form of abuse present).

    What audience is Kelly playing to? Why is she purposely kissing her husband to show the world that they are a regular couple? It is tooooo Late! Give it up.

    They just look stupid now.

  11. Agree with @Walter Cliff. What is the point of continuing the charade? It makes no sense and serves to make them look utterly ridiculous.

  12. @Walter Cliff. Dead on. That is what was wondering. Why is she keeping up the charade? Really what could possibly be in it for her at this point? She looks like a fool and they look like they think that the entire public are blind and stupid. He is about as straight as that mess on his head is all of his own hair. Give it up John and Kelly. Your act is getting tired.

  13. If the loosely veiled blind on another site is to be believed (and I believe it because they have always been accurate with their blinds), Kelly is the one who will not let him go. JT was ready to come clean and leave Sci but she used one of their frozen eggs to keep him. Whether she was pregnant (yeah right) or had it implanted in a surrogate, he was stuck not wanting to leave his “pregnant wife” and look like a dud.

    Did he have some type of plastic surgery? His face is looking a bit different in that first pic. Actually, his head looks larger but I know no one has that done so it must be something to his face but I can’t put my finger on it.

  14. I love how his “advisors” think the public will buy this! John you are a gay balding man, it is ok, embrace it.

  15. If I were Kelly, I would leave John’s arse flapping in the wind. She has money; she needs to get the hell away from him AND Scientology.

  16. @Dragonfly
    I feel the same way. There has been too many rumors about this over the years stating that Preston is the one with the strongest ties with the cult.

    We may see her on talk shows a year from now saying how devastasted she was to find out he was gay. I see her playing the helpless victim in this soap opera. Who knows?

    Am I imaging it or did Preston have a child with her first husband? I know there was some “rumors” that her mom was raising the child. I have no idea if it is true or not but I have heard it for many many years.


    Also, I can’t help but wonder given all the countless (alleged) hookups if there isn’t a sex tape (is) floating around somewhere of Travolta. It wouldn’t surprise me.

  17. @Walt, yes she has a son with her first husband being raised by her family. He was disabled in some way so she didn’t want him. Makes Jett’s death more curious, doesn’t it?

  18. It has been rumored that Kelly is secretly a lesbian. So, it may be a marriage of convenience on both sides.

  19. @Noblecascade and Dragonfly: I was taken aback by his appearancein these photos with the puffy face and strange hair.

    As for Richard Chamberlain, he didn’t need to be forgiven, and I at least, never heard stories about him making unwanted sexual advances towards unwilling males which is what I find to be the creepiest thing about this story.

  20. Kelly would rather be privately kissing her girlfriends, but hey; My wealth is in danger shouts loudest.. you are needed to act in a face saving publicity stunt to save my stupid bank roller jerk of a husband from disaster time is now.. and she is willingly doing this keeping his secrets for so long, it’s not a shock..

  21. What is the tortured creature on his head? With all his money, you would think he could get a better looking rug. Or shave his head (like Bruce) and get over it. Kelly is around because she likes the benefits of being Mrs Travolta. She is a mediocre actress at best and would have been been doing community theatre by now without her Johnny.

  22. Travolta had alot of hair in the 1990s movies he did. He lost his hair fast.

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