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Bruce Willis and his wife Emma Heming took a recent flight from New York to Los Angeles and they were very friendly, chatting with the crew. One pretty young blonde flight attendant complimented Bruce “You have really nice skin in person!” Bruce, 57, LOVED hearing that, and before he got off the plane he asked the blonde for her address. The young woman looked stricken and glanced at Emma who assured her “It’s okay – go ahead.” Bruce took her address and a week later the flight attendant received a travel case filled with all of Bruce’s favorite skin products – some from a Beverly Hills dermatologist.



  1. Still one of the few manly and best actors around…wish he had better connections for more diverse roles than just action films.

  2. What a cool thing for him to do! I really love it when celebrities do nice things like this. Bruce has always had a reputation as a heck of a nice guy, and this just proves it.

  3. I bet Demi Moore at times wishes things had turned out different. Maybe if she had had at least one boy, instead of 3 girls? What really happened anyway with them. I think she wishes she still had him and not the cheating jerk who everyone knew would stray sooner or later.

  4. I love a good a good “celebrity does good” kind of story. 🙂

  5. His face seems so narrow or perhaps it is the angle of the camera. ??

  6. Demi got bored with him and went her own way. She is very flighty and very self-absorbed. Everything has to be about her, all the time. Also she has no sense of loyalty. I’ve seen her be very nasty to people over the many years. Bruce is better off.

  7. One of the best movies ever with Bruce Willis is “Blind Date” w/ Kim Basinger. An unusual and entertaining story, a must see.

  8. @Indy
    I hadn’t thought of that movie in years. John Larroquette did a fine job in that movie too. Thanks Indy. I think I will watch it again this weekend. : )

  9. Good to hear a nice celebrity on a plane story instead of the usual celebrity acts like a turd on the plane story.

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