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Cher has finally started talking – tweeting- about a Broadway musical based on her life that’s been in the works for awhile. According to Billboard, the show has been in development for several years but it sounds irresistible. The musical would be divided into three segments with different performers playing Cher in each stage of life and interacting with each other as well. One actress would play Cher as a young pop star with Sonny Bono, another would play her during the “Believe” years up to 1999, and Cher would play herself in the present day, giving advice to her younger selves. Who wouldn’t want to see that?



  1. These self absorbed egotisical stars just can’t comprehend the concept of a graceful exit and retirement. Why on earth would she think any intelligent person would be interested in this.

  2. People are interested in Cher as she has been around since the early 60’s and was one of the biggest acts along with Sonny(they even opened for the Beatles in SF at the Cow Palace long ago) She has had an interesting life and career as not only a singer,TV show, acting in movies,and stage plus one of the best videos ever with our military on that mega ship…She has had a long career and maybe those that don’t get it just weren’t around from the start.

  3. This has the potential to be fabulous, or, it can also be a huge dud. Suzanne Sommers tried a play on Broadway similar to this a few years back, and it promptly crashed. Hope Cher has hired the right people to make the staging what it could be. 🙂

  4. Hilary, that’s true, it needs to be well done. It sounds like a clever idea though. I wouldn’t mind seeing it myself.

  5. Doesn’t she have another son?
    I’d be embarassed to have her for a mom, a woman that thinks Mt. Rushmore was a natural rock formation. Dumb as rocks.

  6. It’s amazing how quickly her support for the Ofraud in chief has jumpstarted a dead career.

  7. I don’t care for her voice. It’s OK, if you don’t mind everything sounding alike and delivered with her deep deep voice.

    However, I like to keep up with her as to whether she has found a man who wants to marry a diva….or if she has found yet another boy toy. LOL

  8. She does deserve a measure of admiration, as she can be compared to the Energizer Bunny, she keeps on going and going and going…

  9. I love Cher. I would go see it too just for the music.

  10. I wish her success but I wouldn’t go see it. She was never one of my favorites.

  11. Oh you kids today. Tsk Tsk Tsk Cher’s singing voice is different from the mainstream but I really like her. Thanks to plastic surgery she is holding up pretty well and still has that great fit body.

    I loved her look in the 70’s with the deep dark tan, sexy clothes and that gorgeous straight black hair. Lord have mercy I thought she was so unique and beautiful…..and she was …..and she continues to be. 🙂

    Let’s face it, no one wants to see Cher fat and wrinkled with long grey and white hair.

    MY FAVORITE CHER SONGS: (The first four are the wife’s favorite Cher songs.) 🙂

    The Shoop Shoop Song (It’s In His Kiss)
    If I Could Turn Back Time
    Heart Of Stone
    Love And Understanding
    Just Like Jesse James
    I Found Someone
    Bang Bang
    Gypsies, Tramps And Thieves
    The Beat Goes On

  12. I forgot another favorite………………”I got you babe”!

  13. Cher is a trooper. She’s had quite the extraordinary life & yet managed to keep it together. I think the play would do well.

  14. Walt you left out Baby don’t go.
    My all time favorite.

  15. @Diva
    How could I forget that one! It’s definitely a favorite. You know Sonny Bono was over looked for his song writing skills. He wrote Baby Don’t Go, I got you Babe, The Beat Goes On, Needles & Pins, Bang Bang

  16. @Diva
    How could I forget that one! It’s definitely a favorite.

    You know Sonny Bono was over looked for his song writing skills. He wrote Baby Don’t Go, I got you Babe, The Beat Goes On, Needles & Pins, Bang Bang and several more.

  17. Watch out Walt, they way you talk about Cher, Ann-Margaret might get jealous. 🙂

  18. Another site showed photos of her with her new “alleged” butt implants. At what age does the madness and extreme vanity stop.

  19. @Denise

    Ann Margret (hubba hubba) is still a beautiful woman. She remains my favorite hottie actress. 🙂

    However, none could ever compare to my lovely wife. There are times when we are sitting together at church and I look over at her and wonder what on earth did I ever do to deserve this angel? How did a poor country boy get so darn lucky? From the moment I met her, she has given such a positive outlook on life. I’ve never met anyone with so much love in their heart. 🙂

  20. Walt you’re a sweetie. And I’m sure Mrs. Walt knows it.

  21. I used to be a big fan of Sonny and Cher. Apparently Sonny had all the brains in that family. Cher has lost her mind with some of the statements I’ve seen her make lately regarding politics, etc. She’s also almost unrecognizable today versus when she was with Sonny.

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