John Travolta’s problems are never over. His former boyfriend, Doug Gotterba, who worked as his pilot for six years, is following through with his plan to write a tell-all about their time together and he’s already slipping secrets to The National Enquirer. Apparently he couldn’t be talked out of it! John hired Doug in 1981 and they traveled the world together – with connecting hotel rooms – and no one ever suspected! Doug described Travolta as having a huge sexual appetite and he even wanted all-male threesomes. The pilot knew that John saw other men and described his preference as “macho men with mustaches and Levi’s.” Doug feels sorry for John’s wife Kelly Preston, but we suspect they have some kind of agreement.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News


  1. None of this is new or is news. The wife is and has been well paid for her services as a beard. I don’t feel bad for her in anyway. His reported “habits” are in keeping with large numbers of gay men. Especially given that he was active a decade or more before the aids crisis.

  2. a cigarette reminds him to dicks from young boy’s……………

  3. Apparently this man was paid for whatever service he performed so he needs to move along and go find another sugar daddy to latch onto.

  4. Interesting that you don’t even need to write “allegedly”. It does make him appear to be a very strange, dishonest person. We live in a world where in certain countries they hang you for being gay. I think it’s important in the west to stand up and be counted, just to show those less enlightened counties that we’re all equal.

  5. Kelly has huuuge amounts of cash at her disposal for ‘going along with the program’. I definitely think they have an agreement. She likes the good life…la dolce vita….and he like his exciting forays w/ different cuts of meat. Guess he thinks the world hasn’t figured out he likes dongs and also that he has a vast array of toupees for his mostly bald head. lol

  6. @daggers: I agree about Kelly. and it’s more than just the money, it’s being married to a prominent person. If she wanted out of the marriage, she could leave and take a humongous amount of his money with her.

  7. I would be afraid to eat at the same table with him for fear of catching something. His hair is always so weird looking…like a painted cap.

  8. Doug Gotterba? Huh? From VanIsle?
    Dare I say it…Dougie Style.
    Sorry moms….

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