For those of you asking whether Meg Ryan and John Mellencamp are still together, this photo is your answer. John, who lives in Indiana, has made an issue out of the fact that he refuses to move to New York where Meg resides. He says he’s far “too sensitive” – he doesn’t like seeing the homeless people suffering in the city, or the trash in the streets. For a short time he and Meg were apart, but he broke down and paid her a visit. You can bet Meg won’t be moving to Indiana- both her kids go to school in New York. So it remains a long distance romance.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

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  1. He looks like the type of guy who speaks while holding a cigarette in his mouth with his lips.

  2. It’s nice to see an old lesbian couple out and about.

  3. Does anyone actually care about what Meg Ryan is up to besides Janrt

  4. I love and respect Meg Ryan. But she should dump him because he’s a chain smoker. There’s nothing grosser and more unhealthy.

  5. They spend most of their time in 2 different states, so no surprise they called it off at some point.

    her son does not go to school in NYC anymore.

  6. They werent apart, janet. He now spends most of his time outside Indiana, like in NYC and his home in South Carolina. Looks like he is no longer such a fan of Indiana. Gotta keep up his smalltown image in interviews though.

    And you are right, she will never move there.

  7. These 2 over forty stars are at that place in their lives where they have both been married, and have been “seeing each other” for a couple of years. By all indications, these two lovebirds have an understanding that seems to work for them.

  8. I love John and I think he’s down from 4 packs a day but can’t give them up. He’s already had one heart attack.

  9. She always looks so unappealing. She looks like one the homeless people he was referring to.

  10. Yeah! She needs to dress for the opera when she goes to the GYM. (Big’ ol Eye role)

  11. Cougar doesn’t spend much time in Indiana because no one there likes him. He’s a dick.

  12. “It’s nice to see an old lesbian couple out and about”

    You looking in a mirror?

  13. Every (I mean every) single pic taken of Meg features her wearing the same extremely sensible black shoes. You know, it’s the kind where the very old go to have their sensible shoes made to order.

    Anb boy-oh-boy does she have some serious bulging vein issues. I looked carefully at John and….if he quit smoking, shaved, showered, wore better clothes, he would look half way decent. We won’t hold our breath. LOL 🙂

  14. I stand by my statement; thank you for acknowledging it.

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