Those troublemaking trannies are at it again. A clever transsexual contacted Jennifer Lopez’s boyfriend Casper Smart and sent him some sexy photos on Instagram. (The trannie vaguely resembles Jennifer Lopez if she were part Asian and petite.) Naturally Casper’s curiosity was aroused and he playfully responded. It all led to an online flirtation with Casper blissfully unaware that he was amusing himself with a transgender person. Armed with messages and photos, the trannie attempted to sell the “story” to the highest bidder. If Instagram chats are a crime, Casper is guilty. But we doubt Jennifer will get all hot and bothered about this. However, Casper IS in for a stern lecture.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News



  1. Jennifer is ‘dating’ this Man yet he is now a Homosexual that courts Trannies? What is wrong with this picture?

  2. Without wigs and makeup Jlo is an extremely plain looking Hispanic woman.

  3. Do you even REALIZE just HOW socially unacceptable the word “trannie” is to the transgender community??? It’s equally as bad as n!&&er and fa&&ot are to the black and gay communities. Seriously, I get that this is a gossip blog, but get it together Janet.

  4. Whether Casper is gay or straight, looking at it from a worldly perspective, he is SMART. Reportedly JLo gives him $10,000 a month and buys him anything he wants. I think he will continue to rake in the thousands, and then when he can’t stand the cougar any more, then he will do something to piss her off, she will kick him out, and he will have the last laugh, walking away with the $1000’s of $$$ for his ummmm services. Sooo sick in the head they are.

  5. a scheme cannot be transgender when it has no gender. and your bigoted views about transgendered individuals is obvious by your use of the word “trannie” (as mentioned before me, its a derogatory term) and your tarring all transgender individuals with the same brush (re: “those troublemaking trannies!” you owe the entire LGBTQ community an apology.

  6. Maybe now she will go out and buy a better looking guy. Casper is fug.

  7. Marc said that you would not believe how much plastic surgery Jlo has had.

    If the Rainbows don’t like the terms they should not be a part of the perversity. Call out the tranny’s as the major spreader of aids they are.

  8. Wow. Here’s the deal: trannie isn’t a word that you, Janet, should be using. ‘Trouble-making trannies’ is even worse.

    When a straight asshole tries to pull a con, do you habitually smear the entire straight population by saying something like “those conniving straights are at it again”?

    I realize that you’re a gossip blogger whose business thrives on controversy and trashiness (and I’m not actually judging that at all), and while the PC police can definitely become tiresome, picking on what is already one of the most unjustly downtrodden groups in the world doesn’t cast you in the best light.

    Even if you are homo- or transphobic, you needn’t mend your ways (and your image) for them. Do it for you.

  9. If the Rainbows don’t like the terms they should not be a part of the perversity. Call out the tranny’s as the major spreader of AIDS they are.

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