Jessica Alba was at the Lakers game last week and during halftime she and a female friend were in the crowded aisle moving slowly toward the private lounge and ladies room. Fans in the stands shouted and reached out to Jessica who was sweet and gracious to all. She paused and waved and smiled and shook hands and posed for photos and signed autographs. When she finally walked thru the ladies room door her forced smile disappeared and she groaned to her friend “I HATE having to be nice to people in public!”

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  1. For some reason, I have never been a fan of Jessica. On TMZ, they caught her giving the finger 3 times to the camera, and they had a witness saying that she refused to give an autograph and was told to Eff off. She is a shameless slut that chased Cash Warren until he succombed, and this was after he was caught cheating.

  2. She hates it because it called, “WORK”..

  3. I don’t know what the answer is. I understand and agree that public attention is part of being a celebrity and it comes with the job, but at the same time, if she was at a public event, and clearly had to go to the bathroom, she should be able to just go there and do her thing, the same as you or I. I’d freak out and get pretty angry if people subjected ME to that kind of stalling too if I had to go pee real bad, you know, she IS just human after all.

    But you never used to hear things like this about the old movie stars like Jimmy Stewart, Lana Turner, Liz Taylor, or Clark Gable. And it seems to be the same ones over and over today that things like this come out. It’s not very good for their careers, I would think. And the worst one is that Kristen Stewart from the Twilight movies. She is sullen and angry ALL the time. I wouldn’t pay a CENT to see anything she’s in!

  4. You are right, Reta. It is a difficult situation and Kristen Stewart just made horrible comments about fans so I would imagine her career will tank faster than it arrived. I have never heard of a celebrity using such harsh words towards fans before. She (Kristen) is asking to never have a job again.

  5. Hmm let’s see, you get paid millions of dollars to do something you love just because people think you’re “HOT” and all you can do is moan and groan and flip people off? ASSHOLES. Don’t go to their movies anymore.

  6. She (Kristen) also has a really nasty sullen face that always looks pissed off and pouting. She’s not even a pretty girl, so I don’t know why or how she even got picked to be in those Twilight movies, but I’m betting they’ll be the LAST movies she’ll be in! Her 15 minutes need to be UP!!

  7. She has no measurable talent and she’s not that hot any more. The fact that anyone would want her autograph is a joke. I wouldn’t give her a second look, let alone a first.

  8. even REFUSE to believe her shit, folks!!
    (this zero)

  9. “I HATE having to be nice to people in public!”
    well then, stay home

  10. I’ve seen multiple pictures and videos of her posing with fans who stop her in public places. I respect her for that.

    She also flips off paparazzi and treats them with disgust. I also respect her for that, because paparazzi are scum. I saw one pic of a papz putting a camera under her skirt, and a video of papz yelling at her at LAX, making fun of her daughter’s name. I think celebs should be allowed to smash papz cameras and kick them in the balls.

    In this case, fans were being kind of rude, bugging someone when they are trying to get to the bathroom. She was nice and saved her complaints until she was behind close doors. She is only human. I don’t see the issue.

  11. She’s such a pretty girl with a very ugly personality. This talentless twat should be thankful she even has fans since it’s those “annoying people” that pay to see her in films. Half these actors don’t even deserve their paychecks. They’re not even watchable. Alba’s proof you don’t need talent or much substance to make it in Hollywood.

    I don’t care how smug Kristen Stewart is, I would take her any day over this dumb ass. Kristen hates people and doesn’t need to pretend she likes them. She is what she is and she makes no apologies for it. I hate fake people and actresses like Alba and Biel always strike me as super fake.

  12. And for those that are defending this twat’s behavior: the fans are her bread and butter. You’re an actor, you’re going to get noticed, people naturally want your autograph or photo. Get over it! I agree with yoyo, if you don’t want to be bothered stay at home or better yet quit Hollywood and live somewhere remote where nobody will notice you!

  13. ^5 Sally. Lots of people have to be nice to people in public….like waitresses, customer service reps, cashiers ect and they make zip. Maybe she should try one of those jobs and get a dose of reality.

  14. what a twat. she is part mexican and has gone out of her way to distance herself and even show disdain for mexican ppl. If I were a cop in arizona I would arrest this obvious wetback looking twat.

  15. Jenna, the biggest difference is waitresses/waitors and others working in customer service are often treated with disrespect from irate customers. Alba and the rest of these talentless skanks should give a world of thanks and be super grateful they get paid handsomely to do nothing. So they’re not entitled to mope and complain by the little people wanting a second of their time.

  16. Well ever have to go NOW and someone wants you to do something for them first?

  17. She is a very pretty gal that wants be a celeb but hate the traping, can’t have it both ways.

  18. Sha has ALWAYS looked like a miserable little F**&. And what is she known for ? Nothing. She can’t act —and hasn’t in quite a while. GO AWAY !

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