It might not seem important to you, but to Jersey Shore’s Pauly D it was a very big deal having his hair restyled for GQ. The magazine gave all the guys on the show fashion makeovers for a photo spread, but Pauly was the only one who got a new hairstyle. He was reportedly very reluctant and unhappy about giving up his signature blow-out with tons of gel, even temporarily, but he was a good sport. And he looks surprisingly handsome this way.

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  1. You know the old saying: You can put a pig in a tuxedo, but it is still just a pig in a tuxedo.

    if you think this is hot
    you need your
    all these _____ are just _____’s.

  3. so you say Janet…but can he string 3 words together correctly? That’s what I thought.

  4. Captain America, considering the accusations of steroid abuse by the Jersey Shore boys, Snooki might actually have the biggest penis.

  5. Getting famous has dropped to such a level that only God knows where we are heading (don’t tell Bill Maher). There’s only one thing about these guys I like that they are manly men.

  6. Lenny: To me a “manly man” is NOT one over bulging with ripling muscles, altho I’m not alergic to them, but a man who can actually carry on an intelligent conversation on any number of subjects. AND has a fantastic sense of humor, quick witted, and logically minded, rather than a drone who spits out memorized quotes from the bible or elsewhere to try to make it look as tho his brain works. I don’t care how tall he is, how much hair he has, or what color he is, as long as his brain and humor is intact.

    So, Lenny, under THOSE conditions, Bill Maher is a perfect catch for anybody like me, and you can KEEP all the Joysey shore mucleheads. Not interested in the least! Maher is about the sharpest man among a few that I like in entertainment. Letterman is in there too. Sharp, quick, dead on, deadly, like a cobra strike.

  7. Reta, I made a similar comment to Lenny’s a while back. Can’t speak for Lenny, but when I made that comment, I was not talking about muscles, but the fact that these guys looked like they have testosterone in their systems – they are not the girly-boys that Hollywood seems to love (Orlando Bloom, the Twilight boys, Bieber).

  8. Ditto Sebastian, that’s exactly what I meant. I really don’t find David Letterman in that catagory, but then again he did sexually harass his staff.

  9. Lenny, I think Letterman definitely fits into the category, regardless of his little indiscretions. He is a man’s man. Craig Ferguson is the same. Compare those two to the sexless Howdie Doodie clone Conan O’Brien, the bowl full of jelly called Jimmy Kimmel, and that Punch and Judy puppet Jay Leno.

  10. BUT… Kimmel is very funny, watch his monologue every night, and love Leno’s too. The one’s I DON’T like are Conana and Jimmy Fallon, who’s better in sketch comedy than interview, spontaneous humor.

  11. Reta, it is not whether or not they are funny, it is their – for want of a better word – sexlessness.

    Oh yeah, and Jimmy Fallon is another one.

    Jeez, Chelsey Handler is more of a man than that crew! She can hold her liquor and likes dirty jokes, which is probably more than you can say for Conan or Fallon.

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