Frankly, we are STAGGERED by the pay raises the Jersey Shore cast got for season 4. After considerable negotiation, all contracts have been renewed and, according to Eonline, the Jerseyites are getting a hundred thousand dollars each per episode! (Last season they took home $30,000 apiece.) Notoriously frugal MTV is forking over THAT much for their darlings to party and socialize in Florence, Italy. How lucky can you get? Of course, they do have to put up with Sammi and Ronnie’s inane bickering….

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  1. Ridiculous for these idiots but not as ridiculous as all the Jersey posts Janet has had lately!

  2. Too bad there’s not a demand for old southern grandfather who loves bass fishing, growing vegetables and Hollywood gossip.

  3. a pathetic and sad commentary on what anyone watches on the lobotomy box and why it is called that in the first place…..

  4. Hey Pit BuLL LOVER, I would if I weren’t such a coward. I am majorly addicted to tv and it stays on even when I’m not. lol

    Plus, I love the old black & white sitcoms.
    Now days I love the Law & Order shows, CSI shows, Forensic Files, Cold Case, Criminal Minds, Without a Trace…etc…..oh yeah, I also enjoy Sponge Bob with the younger grand kids. lol

  5. If I had to live in that house and listen to those two idiots fight and break up every five minutes I would kill them both.

  6. This………this is why I hate people.

    (Not you guys tho’).

    Effing TRASH!!!!!!!!

  7. For God sakes bring the Warlock back to the show! All the stars act like he does when off set with the parties, drugs and alcohol and never get caught!

  8. I’ve said it before, MTV lost its vision a long time ago. This is just more evidence.

    Hey Walt, what kind of vegetables do you grown?

  9. I’m not a fan of the show, but if they’re proven cash cows for MTV, then they deserve a fair share of the profits they generate. The same goes for record labels and producers, etc.

  10. WHO is this the hottie in the black dress? I don’t watch this show just read online gossip and the Rolling Stone with Snooki on the cover.

  11. Hey Denise, I grow every size tomato from grape to big beef-eaters. I grow pickling cucumbers (I don’t can them or pickle them but I think they just have a better taste to them.) and regular size. Plus, green peppers, banana peppers and lots of strawberries. We were going to make homemade strawberry ice cream last Fourth of July and the grandkids ended up eating every single one they picked. lol What should have been two large bowls full of jumbo strawberries (yes, I use manure on them. lol) turned out to be two empty bowls with lots of little sticky finger prints and full bellies. lol I didn’t care. I had rather they have them anyway.

  12. There’s enough germs, bacteria, STD’s in these yahoo’s to wipe out the entire continent of Africa.

    Walt, I bet you have lots of friends and are counting their blessings.

  13. These grease stains will be bankrupt within a few years, calm down.

  14. Hey Indy, Thank you. I have been incredibly fortunate in my life to have good friends. I say my prayers often each day. I’m not a saint but I consider myself close to God.

    I love traveling to California to visit my buddies. I went on the findadeath tour last time and loved it. lol I’ve been a fan of the website for years. I enjoy the people on this site too. I like the variety of opinions and in some cases it helps to either enlighten me or all me to embrace mine all the more tightly. lol

    I ‘ve missed our dear Reta this week. Hope she is doing well.

  15. Walt, Reta may be recovering (or had a relapse) from an accident she had several weeks ago. Her arm and head got hurt. You may or may not have read about this when she described it in detail. One thing for sure: there’s only one Reta, our resident atheist.

  16. Thanks Indy. No, I wasn’t aware of her injury at least to the best of my memory. I am so sorry to hear this. Hope it doesn’t offend her to say an extra special prayer for her health and recovery. I’ll add her to my prayer list.

  17. I adore the Jersey Shore! Wish i was on it.
    Looks like so much fun!
    As for a higher salary, hey get it while you can.

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