Tori Spelling’s little black dress wasn’t so little. On Sunday, Tori and Dean appeared at the GLAAD Media Awards and Tori got the room buzzing that she MUST be expecting baby #3 because her dress was shaped like a muu muu. Tori sensed the buzz and confessed via Twitter today that yes, indeed, she IS expecting another baby. Her mom Candy later gushed her excitement about the pregnancy on Facebook. Modern family.


  1. believe me when I say you must be happy you won’t have to see her naked!!

  2. She really overdoes it on the make up, it makes her look worse, if that is possible

  3. As long as there are people who will watch her shows and buy her books, which are all about family, raising kids, etc., she’ll continue to
    get herself pregnant. Hubby sure hooked a money-maker…

  4. I like Tori Spelling and always find her entertaining. Not only do I like her but I am forever impressed with her endless drive to accomplish things. The girl knows exactly how to market something (even herself and her family). She may look like her mom but she has the business savvy of his dad.

    Also, she loves animals and genuinely cares for them. Remember her pug the late Mimi LaRue?

  5. Walt, I agree. I don’t have anything bad to say about Tori. I think the part she played on the old ‘90210’ (Donna Martin) was well-acted. She played that part as good as anyone could have and the show was always interesting when she was on it. The only thing she did which was kind of shady was dump her husband after only about 1 year for Dean, who some say is a leech. Nevertheless, they’re still together and who knows what the next day will bring in crazy Tinseltown anyway.

  6. Congratulations TORI & DEAN!!

    They are great parents. It is nice to see Tori’s Mom is still involved in her life and is supportive of her.

  7. Is it just me or is Dean McDermott a d-bag?

  8. The only comment I have about Tori is that for all her (and her daddy’s) money, she got the world’s worst boob job.

  9. Indy, interesting to note that you’re only too willing to trivialize a celeb’s ‘moral failings’ as long as you like them. She also broke up Dean’s marriage. I like her too btw.

  10. ^^^^^^^I didn’t word my comment exactly right, but don’t feel like correcting it at the moment.

  11. Casonia Sade Logenberry... Some people are just full of crap and some people are liers on the show and some people never talk or communicate with each other and some people are just so rude and heartless and just because your never put up? Like the chick says:

    Tori alway looks great and she is thin but it is in and she looks fantastic after the birth of each of her children and I got to watch her show and thought it was great and funny and real life and she shared it with us and she is strong and healthy and has a wonderful family and I know her father in Heaven feel the love and the Bless-ness of the family and care and concern and worry.

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