Janet Jackson and her boyfriend Wissam Al Mana have been together for two years and they’re not sick of each other yet. So it’s safe to assume there is SOME truth to those rumors that they are quietly planning a wedding. Janet admits she’s head-over-heels for the billionaire Qatari businessman – she’s never known anyone like him before. Wissam is 9 years younger than Janet but he has been well brought up and was educated in America. If they DO marry, we can just imagine the two families getting together at the wedding party. The Jacksons and Al Manas will make a fascinating blended family. And it will give Jermaine a chance to dress up in his Arabic robes.

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  1. If true, good for them.

    Can’t wait for Strom’s comment.

  2. Denise, shame on you for encouraging that moron racist.

    On another note, this handsome young man must surely want children and Janet is getting a bit long in the tooth. Wonder what’s up with that? She looked pretty old in her close ups in that movie “For Colored Girls” (must mention, the title makes me very uncomfortable) but it was a good movie.

  3. Kids at 45? It’s been done but I don’t think it’s a good idea. My friend had a baby at 44, they told her the chances of a Down’s syndrome baby were 1 in 17.

  4. Palermo, yes, but they can do genetic testing. Altho, I doubt Janet would abort. I don’t know if that can be checked prior to inpregnation when invitro is used.

    There has been lots of internet chatter on Janet supposedly already having a child which her older sister Rebe (sp?) supposedly raised, and some say it had a deformity or retardation and that’s why it was hidden. Who knows? Sounded mighty screwed when I heard it and I hope it’s not true. I’d hate to think ANY family would hide a human being like a circus freak from 100 plus years ago. I know it does happen tho because every now and then you hear horror stories about some child that was locked away and the neighbors never knew. Hideous!


  6. Yep and one habit is not being involved w/ BLACKS which are the servent class to Arabs. This marriage isnt going to happen…he is only in it for large booty and the Jackson name and the family isnt going to let their kids be borne by a Nubian who has been previously married.

  7. This may sound far-fetched, but in this crazy world anything is possible. Since Michael Jackson coverted to Islam, maybe Wissam has orders to woo her in hopes of converting her and the entire Jackson family to Islam. Since Michael was so revered, that in turn might cause large amounts of undiscerning humans to embrace Islam. And that is what Islam wants to do and it has always been their goal… win many to their false religion and fly their flag on American soil.

  8. Reta, I wasn’t encouraging, just predicting the inevitable. See above.

  9. Mighty rich man with lots of money= fat, pampered, lazy, Muslim housewife the husband of his singing star.. will rob her of freedom unless he takes her out for show.. and will lock away other times so she is appearing obedient and religious.. of course her equally dumb, evil brother wants this horrible life for her.. he will get a profit for selling her to this family.. and she could care less about being tricked.. as she doesn’t have the sense to know right from wrong, good from bad.. night from day.. you get my drift., see La Toya and Mom, other sisters for the proof..

  10. If she was to marry this camel jockey she would find out there’s lot’s of female company at the back of the bus.

  11. Good luck Janet Jackson and I wish you only the very Best in life and love is something we all need and want and crave and Yes if he floats your Boat…The jump into that relationship and you look really happy and cheerful and I wish you well but lets put it out there for just one minute…Are you ever going to have children and how does this man feel about spending the rest of his life with a woman in name only and that there is never going to be a blood line connection to his family ever? It just drives me crazy to see people married in name only! If I was a man and wanted to marry..I would want a child or two.

  12. Please pardon me, but Jermaine Jackson is Not the fine example to set the tone for love and happiness. This is the same *bow wow who married his own former sister in law after being married to his *own younger brother Randy and having children with his brother. According to those in the know, he owes thousands, as in thousands of dollars in child support to the children that he fathered with his wife/ex sister in law. He is the step father to his own nephews, and his brother Randy is the uncle to Jermaine’s children by his former wife (was I finished)? JJ claimed on Oprah just a few short years ago (in human years) that she had Never known anyone like Jermaine Dupree. Janet may have traveled the globe, but she is Not street smart when it come to romance, but you just have to admire the fact that she does have long term relationships and she usually stay out of the spotlight with her latest (great)love connection. If JJ is quietly planning a wedding, it is a relief to know in comparison to all the hoopla about Kim K’s impending nuptials, it will be about the marriage more so than about the wedding!!

  13. Marrying a white woman would be a downgrade in the Muslim world. America has gone sodom and gonorrhea, with gay marriage, gay adoption, taxes, and usury. Americans go to every country especially Africa to steal their natural resources, oil, water, money,land and drugs and give out diseases. Yet out of many posters mouths the muslims are wicked? How are muslims so terrible when white people keep coming to kill them off? Whites and major white countries in europe cannot produce anything unless they steal it from Africa.

  14. Well I am not in a hurry to get felt up by perverts. I don’t get the no fly list restrictions, why would I harm myself or anyone else? A no fly-list is a punisment of restrictions around the country I was born and raised in. The goverment creates the confusion and destrucion and punishes the american people who want freedom and being stripped naked and pay taxes.

  15. In regard to Muslims not wanting blacks in the family, that is patently untrue, there are many, many African, and African American Muslims living in all areas of the Middle East. Their marriage would hardly raise an eyebrow. I taught English in Iraq for 4 years and I saw plenty Black and Arab couples.

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