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While Ryan O’Neal is fighting to hold onto that Warhol painting of Farrah that she probably willed to her alma mater the University of Texas, his son Redmond, 26, is back into drugs. He got out of his court ordered rehab just last August according to RadarOnline, and was pulled over today in Santa Monica for running a red light. Police found heroin in his car and locked him up. After around a dozen rehab attempts, we wonder if there’s much hope for Redmond. His mother left him enough money to live without working and he has minimal education. His biggest crime now is driving.


  1. Actually, it sounds like his “biggest crime now” is heroin possession.

    This kid seems never to have gotten on the right foot. 🙁

  2. Casonia Sade Logenberry X person who is nolonger trying out for Hells kitchen with Chef Gordon Ramsay says:

    Poor Baby it is hard to shake drugs especially when you have the money and your family will not let you stay in jail and pay the toll and I alway thought that this young man was going to straighten out and fly right…Drugs can kill and in life we don’t want another repeat with Redmond and Winehouse..Is Redmond really sad and has massive amount of anger and frustration in his life at this moment..What would his mother think and he is an only child and if he kills himself…Then Farah blood line on this earth has ended forever and that means…Oneals father can’t have a part of his love of life on this earth and why is that people are so addicted to herion …That stuff is crap and will kill you slowly and…I rather see him smoking Pot then doing that hard ass drug and to do drugs and drive..He could had killed some one and…If I was a judge..I would order him to live in a controled house and take drug testing each day and Put him on Medical Pot instead and put him in a place where he can talk about his problems and stress and trama and drama and lost. He must be going throw Hell to do something so dumb and stupid and the sad part is that Ryan is not in great health and He is not going to be here forever and Father really loves you and Redmond why are you stlll frustrated with your life? Every time you mess up..The world is watching and you have your whole life ahead of you and I know that Heroin must feel good and you love it and are addicted to it…But it is bad for your heart and gives you health problems down the road and yes it is a major pain in the ass to stop and I have had family that love that drug and Died doing it and gather liver and kidney damage but hopefully and I don’t have an idea what your going throw but you must be really hurt about something.

  3. I agree with Mona. His biggest crime is certainly heroin and not driving! It’s strange how he never gets photographed unless he is arrested. If he were, I am sure we would see the male version of Amy Winehouse stumbling around. What do you do if rehab is not working?

  4. Instead of Ryan holding on to a painting that don’t belong to him, he should be holding on to his son. You can’t put a price on someone’s life. If he screwed up with his other kids, this is his chance at redemption to save at least this one. Best of luck Redmond.

  5. Sorry, he’s a total loser, I don’t see any hope for him. He must really love being incarcerated. Ryan O’Neal is rotten to the core, he wrecked all his kids.

  6. Trade school.. teach him how to do something.. keep him away from Ryan the puke-dad..

  7. I watched a few of those new Tatum and Ryan shows and was amazed completed, not in a good way, at how messed up emtionally Ryan is. I don’t think he’s capable of helping his youngest son. Maybe the other siblings can get together, having both been addicts, and help him before he dies. Otherwise, he’s most likely a lost cause. How sad. Horrible for Farrah that that was her only child and her deep love couldn’t save him.

  8. He needs to be ordered by the judge to go to a camp for disabled kids ..or…an orphanage..or..a homeless shelter..and immerse himself in caring for the less fortunate. If he feels he is needed by others, there is a chance he will come out of the misery he is in. That is the only thing left…he has to feel wanted and needed. He even might be surprised that he likes it and that he is depending less and less on drugs.

  9. Somewhere between childhood and adulthood, Redmon O’Neal was a pampered child who had more advantages than the average Joe and Betty living in America. He was the product of two famous parents and the youngest brother of a famous sister and a delinquent brother. His middle brother Patrick who was kept close to his mother(actress Leigh Taylor Young) is the only sibling who has kept out of the spotlight.
    I do Not claim to know all about Redmon, but I do Not believe that he can be raised all over again with his dad being the motivation for good behavior. It is my understanding that his mother left him financially secured, and with that kind of security comes responsibility, something that Redmon has Never appreciated because everything came to him so easily. I remember back in the day when Carroll O’Connor(Archie Bunker)
    called out his son’s drug dealer as a means of helping his son’s enabler to step back and stop selling his son drugs. At 26 Redmon is still a young individual, but it is up to use some of the resources that is available to him to open his eyes, so that he can land on his feet!!

    Birthday greetings to Walt Cliff:
    I am going through a classic case of withdrawal without hearing 1 of your wonderful and humorous stories. Please consider checking in with your “pen pals” soon!!

  10. Hey Leo, you’re back! Have missed your wisdom.

    I do feel sorry for someone this directionless, but unless he wants to clean up, he never will. He can’t do it because his late mother would’ve wanted it, but because he wants it. Good luck to him.

  11. With such a DICK for a father, it’s not at all surprising. Redmond needs to find a way to heal himself with the help of his older sister, Tatum’s help. They need to come together and try to heal themselves from the damage their monster father, did to them. There is strenghth in numbers!!

  12. I’ve watched Ryan and Tatum on CNN and Ryan seems really really messed up….there is something wrong with him….I think he is mentally ill. The whole thing is very sad and twisted.

  13. Women, this is what happens when you take up with a drug addict and have their kid/kids. You get messed up, drug addicted children. Women really need to wise up and run from these loser addicts and quit inflicting this kind of misery on their offspring!

  14. Selene: I agree with you, but I wonder about Farrah, how she could supposedly “love” him for so many years. And why their son didn’t stay off drugs, heavy ones esp, during her life if she was so special to him. I saw the show where Ryan and Redmon were talking about her being gone and it was very touching and i really felt for the son because he seemed so all alone. But, like his father said, stay off the drugs because that’s what his mother wanted. Apparently he’s already forgotten that or it didn’t touch him as deeply as the drug’s fun did.
    I just get the feeling from this young man that if he isn’t locked back up for a long time, he is going to die. Just like Amy just did. He doesn’t FEEL like he has any reason to live. hell, he doesn’t even have to work! What in the hell does he have to DO but get high? Nothing!
    Why isn’t he in jail still for that bust he had for bringing junk to a jail when he went to visit his friend? He was sentenced to five YEARS I believe. I can see letting him go to his mothers funeral, or even letting him out while she was on her death bed, but then he should have gone right back into jail after she was buried. This is a death sentence, letting him stay out.

  15. Having enough money that he doesn’t have to work is the main problem. He doesn’t have a purpose in life or incentive to stay clean and sober. He has way too much free time on his hands. He needs to find a trade or a reason for getting up in the morning. He’s a grown man and it’s time to face the fact that his Dad isn’t going to be there for him in a way that counts. Plenty of kids grow up with lousy parents and don’t do drugs. At 26 you cannot continue to blame your upbringing.

  16. CindyLou: you are completely right. I had no parenting. An always drunk father, and no mother. I did do drugs as a teen in the late 60’s but I lived thru it and wised up and grew up. Nearly everybody I know had horrible childhoods and are now successful adults. Somehow you just need to figure it out and get your shit together before you die.

  17. The fact is that Farrah was surrounded by complicated, sometimes damaged men, throughout her life—and that group, sadly, now includes her troubled son.

    Supreme narcissist Ryan’s issues are well documented.

    Then there was that cheesy director she was with for a while—the one she beat/was beat on by—and whom Farrah later publicly called “a pussy.”

    And of course there was Lee Majors, who has a little-reported whiff of GOSSIP surrounding his early career…

    Lee was a football star in Kentucky?/Tennessee? before being “discovered by” wait-for-it–Rock Hudson, during a promotional tour. Rock was said to be deeply taken with the strapping young Lee. And Rock opened many doors for him in Hollywood after encouraging him to take up acting.

    But their close association is one that Lee never talks about, apparently.

    (and Walt, are you reading this? We’re trying everything to lure you back! 🙂 )

  18. Hello Denise:
    How are things in your corner of the globe??

    Back in the mid 60’s and early 70’s Ryan O’Neal was a heart breaker thanks to Peyton Place and Love Story. Six Million Dollar Man Lee Majors may have been married to Charlie’s Angel, but it was Ryan who swept her off her feet. I can remember Farrah being photographed sweeping her garage barefoot and very much pregnant with Redmon.
    At the young age of 26, life is Not over for Redmon, there is still hope for him. Ryan already have continued issues with Tatum after all of these years, and who could forget the missing teeth that son Griffin got courtesy of Ryan just a few years ago. With his mother’s generous bequeath to him, Redmon can afford a private driver, and all the advantages of keeping his Nose clean and other “poisons” from totally destroying his young life. A few years ago Robert Downey Jr. was a total misfit doing everything to stay in trouble. In recent years he has seen his star rise and even been Nominated for an Oscar since the by gone years when he was totally off the charts. Hopefully this is just a temporary setback as Redmon “learn” to make better choices in the Near future. PEACE!!

  19. @ Walt Cliff:

    Homing pigeons?? message in a bottle?? a barefoot walk on hot sand??
    What does it take for you to come out of hiatus and drop us a line or two??
    Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
    Hope you get this memo!!

  20. Poor guy, so many strikes against him, and no reason to care about cleaning up. I hear him. Gotta make life livable, and the sooner you check out. the less pain to live with,

  21. Leo, the difference you seem to be mising between Downey and the young O’Neal, are that Downey had a thriving acting career and many of us loved him, even as he fell. He was and stayed and is BRILLIANT as an actor, and sings beautifully, plays piano, and who knows what else. Redmond apparently makes no effort to support himself or have a career. There is just NO comparison between these two men.

    PS: maybe Walt is on vacay, or in hosp, hopefully NOT. But obviously, he is loved.

  22. former lead singer bon scott of rock band AC/DC sang about it……….”Problem Child”!!

  23. @Leo, we figure that Walt is off on vacation and will fill us in when he gets back. 🙂

  24. @Reta:
    I have to give credit when it is due, and you are absolutely right about the difference between RDJ and Redmon. I would like to think that even though there is No comparison between the two men, RDJ is an example of how even a more successful person can fall down, and take stock in himself and be *able to pick himself/herself back up.As mentioned earlier, Redmon does Not have to hit a lick to support himself, all that he Needs financially has already been handed to him.Sad to say,with drugs in the picture, he does Not have the mindset to be responsible enough to appreciate the blessings that are already his. Even billionaire John Paul Getty made every one of his children work from the basement up,he Never just gave them everything that they wanted. Back in the late 70’s his grandson was kidnapped and when the ransom Note came,he refused to pay the ransom because he felt that his own grandson was Not worth $3 million dollars. It was *only after the kidnappers/torturers sent his grandson’s ear that Getty finally caved in and paid the ransom. There are countless other examples that I can use of others straightening out their lives including Todd Bridges (child star who had challenges as a Not so in demand adult) MC Hammer who lost millions of dollars within a few years of instant success (he is Now even more successful as a financial consultant). Drew Barrymore who went on to star in and produce her own films and is Now seen daily in a cosmetic commercial. It is Never too late to take steps to straighten out the path in *our lives, but if *we continue to travel down that same crooked road,there will continue to be sharp curves ahead at the hand of our own choices. Other than spending time in jail and in front of judges, there are resources in place to help Redmon if this is what he *truly want. PEACE!!

  25. Casonia Sade Logenberry of Seattle Washington And X Rejection of Hells kitchen and for two years always some one tossing out the chance at being on Hells kitchen and that means they end up in the hospital after the first day there and they leave and throw says:

    I Feel sorry for the young man and would not want to see him toss his life away for drugs but for some people it is really hard to stop a habit that feels so good and it makes him feel normal and right with the world and It is true that there is something he can do about this problem but it seems like he really needs some help some kind of way and I Think he really needs some one to talk to about his problems and what is pushing him to a Deadly Drug and I wish that they would Educate him on the side effects of the drugs and what it would do to him in the future and or tape him and let him see first hand what the effects the Drug has on him but there is a will…There is away and I Know That down the road this young man is going to go down the wrong road and something really bad is going to happen and I think it is going to be some one who reaches out and really wise and really address the issues behind his hard drug use.

  26. If Redmond doesn’t pull himself together, he will be part of that famous 27 club (those who died at age 27). Farrah made a big mistake giving Redmond money without strings attached. As others have stated, a man needs a purpose in life. He has none other than to get high. Also, I’ve watched Ryan and Tatum’s show and all I can say is: that is one messed up family. Only Patrick seems to have gotten by unscathed, thanks to his strong mother who likely kept him away from Ryan. Very interesting gossip about Lee Majors (real name: Harvey Lee Yeary). I always had a big crush on him growing up starting with his first show, The Big Valley.

  27. This is what Wikipedia reports about the career of Lee Majors.

    Majors was born Harvey Lee Yeary in the Detroit suburb of Wyandotte, Michigan. Parents Carl & Alice Yeary were both killed in separate car accidents (prior to his birth and when he was one year old respectively) and at age two, Majors was adopted by an uncle and aunt, Harvey and Mildred Yeary, and moved with them, and their biological son, Bill, to Middlesboro, Kentucky.

    Since his adoptive older brother had been a football star in school, Majors tirelessly committed himself to the sport. While a student at Middlesboro High School, he participated in many sports from track to football. He graduated in 1957, and earned a scholarship to Indiana University, where he again competed in sports. Majors transferred to Eastern Kentucky University in Richmond, Kentucky, in 1959. He played in his first game the following year, but suffered a severe back injury which left him paralyzed for two weeks, and ended his college football career. Following his injury, he turned his attention to acting and performed in plays at the Pioneer Playhouse in Danville, Kentucky. Majors graduated from Eastern in 1962 with a degree in History and Physical Education.

    After college, he received an offer to try out for the St. Louis Cardinals football team. Instead, he moved to Los Angeles and found work at the Los Angeles Park and Recreation Department as the Recreation Director for North Hollywood Park. This was after a brief stint playing for the new football franchise Boston Patriots as a safety. In LA, Majors met many actors and industry professionals, including Dick Clayton, who had been James Dean’s agent, and Clayton suggested he attend his acting school. After one year of acting school, Clayton felt that Majors was ready to start his career. At this time, he picked up the stage name Lee Majors as a tribute to childhood Johnny Majors who was a player and future coach for the University of Tennessee. Majors also studied at Estelle Harmon’s acting school at MGM.

  28. Casonia Logenberry..Hells kitchen Elisa is a major pain in the Butt and hope her ass is kicked off the show soon..Because I want to be the first black woman to win on the show and..How could Tennile be any one role model she was kicked off the show for me says:

    It is a mother job to take care of her children after they are long gone and of course Redmond is depressed and needs to talk to some one about his problems and Drugs do drag him down on so many levels but if he is placed in jail or a center for a year or two this will dry him out and then he is free to address issues that bother him and…Help solve his problems would be amazing.

  29. Casonia Logenberry..Hells kitchen Elisa is a major pain in the Butt and hope her ass is kicked off the show soon..Because I want to be the first black woman to win on the show and..How could Tennile be any one role model she was kicked off the show for me says:

    Poor Baby Drugs can kill and shorten you life and…Instead of those hard drugs he should just smoke some Pot instead and have that be his medication in the future and… And this will give him a chance to address issues but the world is not completely drug free..We all get off on something in life and this can’t be enored.

  30. It is hard to kick a habit and the law should change and allow people to get drugs as medication and allow people to pick what there poisen is going to be…Redmond will only stop drugs for good if you put him some place where he can’t get to drugs other wise?

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