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Jermaine Jackson was photographed leaving Madeo with his wife and we can’t help but wonder how he can afford to eat so frequently at one of the most expensive restaurants in Los Angeles, but claims he can’t afford to pay $3000 a month for support for his children.


  1. …….the money is out for plastic surgeon, folks!!

  2. Uhm, it’s called credit cards. One doesn’t have to have money to spend it. He will be claiming bankruptcy soon enough.

  3. He is still living off of Michael.
    Most of that family are blood suckers and he’s just one of them. Good thing Michael is still making good money. Ask Joe how hard he works.

  4. It must be totally embarrassing for Katherine to know that she only had 2 children that could support themselves as adults. The rest live off of them. Joe on the other hand is just like the kids asking for handouts so he wouldn’t see that he failed.

  5. His ex isnt much either and they both should be out in street….wont happen though with the huge allowance mom gets from the Pedophile’s monthly allowance.

  6. Maybe they comp his dinner. Isn’t having someone famous/infamous eating at your restaurant and being photographed leaving akin to free publicity?

  7. You don’t understand, He’s a original Jackson so he must eat and dine well, these kids are meh, knock off some lady for grandkid’s to get momma to pay and care for so .. frankly he doesn’t give a care.

  8. embarrassing to katherine??
    she is beyond clueless and so manipulated it is insane.
    she has lost her mind…..must of been from all those years of living with joe jackson…

  9. Soon some enabler will punch the Racism on Demand button to give Jermaine a free pass.

  10. I eat at madeo and it really isnt that expensive. come on its slightly more than your neighborhood grill or about the same price. get over it janet, you sound like a bitter ibtch sometimes.

  11. @ugh stop calling Janet out of her name.

    The point is the man is in arrears for $3,000 a month back alimony!

    As Judge Judy would say how could you afford to eat at a fancy pants joint when you’re not taking care of your kids?

  12. Ugh, you are right! Janet seems to be so judgemental and bitter now.

  13. Jermaine has no doubt spread Jerms via many many illicit affairs. Yuck

  14. A Mississippi chain gang would be good for him.

  15. Hey Indy,
    Love the “Jerms” spelling ! lol

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