Sean Penn makes himself SO EASY not to like! On Saturday he and Scarlett Johansson attended the White House Correspondents Association dinner and they made a big scene smooching over dinner. Worst of all, according to Page 6, the moody Penn refused to put his hand over his heart like everyone else in the room, and sing “The Star Spangled Banner.” How ungrateful can a person be?

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  1. If he hates this country so much why doesn’t he just go live elsewhere? It’s not like he doesn’t have the money to move. As for Scarjo, well she lost my respect because for her to be with this clown means she shares the same ideas.

  2. what are all of you? in the 6th grade??
    ”hand over heart”?
    who gives a shit
    find something serious and important to be judgmental over will yas??
    if you think doing this makes someone a patriot or someone NOT doing it a traitor you are insane…..

  3. It’s called respect, which this country and it’s current president lack. Respect has become so hard to come by, even herewegoagain cannot recognize it’s absence. This is not the US that I grew up loving – and I will never watch another Sean Penn movie because of his lack of respect. Not that one person will matter much, but it’s call principle – part of the standards that I grew up with. I really feel sorry for this current and future generations of citizens. They are doomed and don’t even know it. – Guess they deserve it.

  4. Wow!! Really? Sean Penn that’s really what to worry for patrisiom?
    Why not worry about our liberty from all this government treason.

  5. He needs to learn respect, and YOU NEED TO LEARN THAT IT’S MEANS IT IS.


  6. Wow, pj77777 and Janet. This is really huge. Hand over heart always for the Pledge of Allegiance, optional for The Star Spangled Banner. I can’t believe how ignorant you two are. Why don’t you know this?

  7. IT IS CALLED RESPECT. Like it? Thought that was what I said. And I may be old school, but I’m far from old, and the way we learned it, that hand is over your heart whenever good ole’ Glory is in the room. Glory = American Flag for those who don’t know (not whom, of course). Geesh – this generation never ceases to meet my lowest expectations…

  8. Sean Penn’s “brooding, loose-cannon-with-a -chip-on-his-shoulder and a bad attitude” was sexy and kinda intriguing when he was in his 20’s.

    Now he just comes off as an angry, hard-bitten, unpatriotic, over-the-hill spoiled little shit.

    I for one, am over it.

  9. For those who really love grammar, I apologize for the it’s instead of its – possessive – Shows even the wisest of us can make a mistake, although not too damned often.

  10. Not a big deal. Get over it. The PDA though, is junior high caliber.

  11. As I recall, Penn held his then wifey, Madonna, roped to a chair while he went off on a violent/drunken/other rant back in the 90’s when she decided to leave him. I have always considered him off the charts….. Anyone who has to show major PDA at a public ceremonial affair lacks major tact and class. Just sayin…………..

  12. Wow this illusion is bigger than I thought when people’s panties are twisted over Sean Penn.

  13. Doesn’t the fact that he was there show his allegiance???

  14. My respect for him quadrupled when I heard he didn’t engage in the empty gesture of phony patriotism. Pledging allegiance to a country that repeatedly lies to its taxpaying citizens is insane. Good on Sean! Americans need to wake the hell up.

  15. Respect, respect, that’s how the mafia manages their group. There is more to respect than putting your hand over your heart. Like actually taking care of babies AFTER they’re born, and caring for children going to school, like going to New Orleans and helping the people, like going to Haiti and helping the people. This BS about looking good and not actually doing anything is OVER.

  16. Saying you want respect and and saying someone doesn’t respect is over and BS, there are more ways to show respect than you are seeing. DO SOMETHING TO HELP PEOPLE. All show and no go does not do anything for anyone.

  17. Why do American’s put their hand over their heart? Citizens of other countries are just as patriotic without that gesture. America is the only country I know that does that.

    P.S. a citizen’s level of patriotism cannot be measured by whether they put their hand over their heart or not. Its a tiny bit more complicate than that.

  18. I’m not a fan of Penn’s, but don’t necessarily read a lack of gratitude into his conduct. I hate the Star Spangled Banner. It’s an atrocious song and ridiculously difficult to sing. And as others have alluded to, judging someone’s patriotism based on symbolic gestures is rather superficial.

  19. To all the dumb fuckers out there that think that it doesn’t matter whether Sean Penn puts his hand over his heart for the anthem I would suggest you look into his frequent visits to Venezuela to visit one of the most vicious rulers in the world Hugo Chavez. It is not a coincidence that he is friends with a USA hating communist like Chavez. As for Scarlett she may be hot but I wouldn’t piss up her ass if her guts were on fire after she has been with that ugly fucking oxygen thief.

  20. Most likely you wont have to deal with Sean Penns girlfriend You really don’t sound like a very nice human being.

  21. Marianne is right, it’s optional and frankly, I don’t see a lot of people doing it. Watch the crowd at a ball game next time they play the national anthem.

    I’m completely unimpressed by people who give the appearance of being patriotic, like all those politicians with the flag pins on their lapels. It’s easy to put on a pin or put your hand over your heart. It’s harder to do the work. Say what you will about Sean Penn, but he acts on his beliefs. I remember an interview with him where he said he went to New Orleans after Katrina because he wanted to help, but didn’t want to get in the way. When he got there, he realized there was no one to get in the way of.

    The fact that people put more emphasis on superficial acts like wearing flag pins and hands over the heart always makes me think of that Seinfeld episode where Kramer was walking to raise money for HIV/AIDs, but refused to wear the red ribbon just because everyone else was wearing one and he got chased by the crowd because he wouldn’t wear the pin.

  22. I think not.

  23. Maybe its because he’s been a first hand witness to the most horrific human tragedies of our lifetime (Katrina, Haiti) and has watched our country do nothing, he has a right to his political beliefs and as someone who is a humanitarian and spending a lot of his time and power actually being useful you really have no right to criticize him what have you done to make the world a better place?

  24. Patriotism is, indeed, the last refuge of scoundrels. It’s hugely overrated–and provincial, even–in today’s GLOBAL society and economy. Gringos can be such hypocrites, especially when they start on that laughable “greatest country in the world” crap. There are LOTS of countries whose citizens have much more freedom that there allegedly is here.

  25. zippy, Again I agree with you 100%. How would you like to be fighting in one of the 3 wars and see on TV someone burning the American Flag and not reciting the Pledge of Allegiance or singing the * Spangled Banner without the hand over the heart. This is a sign of support for all who have given their lives for this country and those who have been severly wounded.

    BTW, I despise Sean Punk and Scar-jo is a low form of life for messing with him…..oooh the thought of it is sickening.

  26. I am in total agreement with Zippy & Indy. Don’t think I wouldn’t say something to that shit for brains Penn if I was beside him and he did something like that.

  27. This story is complete rubbish. Janet and her right wing friends like Glenn Beck have been spreading their hatred for Penn for years.

  28. “respect… which this country and it’s current president lack.”

    Just had to get in a cheap shot at our president (notice I said “our”)didn’t you pj77777? And as you said, this country lacks respect? Really. Its (correct) president lacks it? Well, yes, you’re right in that people fail to respect his office, achieved by election.

    When you figure out what you mean to say, perhaps you could be a little more positive about your country and its leader. Then you’d be as patriotic as the simple act of putting a hand over your heart.

  29. He’s right. He’s done a lot of good in this country and doesn’t believe in the phony patriotism schtick. Your head is up your ass Janet. Why do I keep coming here? I guess because I get to rant and I do like your photos, but you need to take some night classes.

  30. This is just so much ado about nothing. Putting your hand over your heart is not usually done or required when singing the National Anthem. It is required when reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. Also, this country was founded on freedom of speech as an inalienable right, among other rights. So, he has the right do as he pleases in this regard. Don’t we have enough SERIOUS problems to worry about without getting all in a snit over what a H-wood celeb does or does not do? I’m not a fan of his by any means, but this is a non-story if I ever saw one.

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