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That mug shot of Stockton gang-banger Jeremy Meeks is not a fluke – other pictures of him (above) are just as flattering. Sandy Banks wrote about the Meeks mug shot phenomenon in the LA Times today. She had trouble understanding how Meeks’ soulful eyes, strong jaw, and pouty lips could spark such ardor among SO many women of all ages. Sandy consulted a psychology professor who pointed out that Meeks face is EXACTLY what turns women on – we’re hard-wired by evolution to perceive these features as handsome. Men have always put their main focus on physical attractiveness of females, now women are acknowledging that good looking men are more appealing to them! We’d love to see career criminal Jeremy profit from all this attention and turn his life around. Maybe Tom Ford will bail him out and turn him into a fashion model.

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  1. Yeah, he looks good, but I doubt a modelling contract and putting him on a pedestal for his appearance will fix what’s really wrong with him: moral bankruptcy. He’s a criminal, folks!

  2. All this attention to him is disgusting. Also, no one is telling you he’s 5’3″ and missing teeth.

  3. He’s a thug… Irrelevant how good looking . With hair – he’s a thug… Without hair — he s a better looking thug… but an ‘effing thug nevertheless. I hope he has many admirers of his beauty while he does his time

  4. Looks like a plain thug who spent every cent he stole on tattoos. He’s wearing your money.

  5. Stop hating people. Meeks is 6’1″ and has perfect teeth to match.

    I love the idea of tom ford using him in an ad campaign.

    Give a brother a chance.

  6. He won’t be so “cute” when he is executed by lethal injection.

  7. Considering the fact that his claim to fame come from a mug shot speaks for itself. I find it sad that men in jail have such drawing power for women, who under any other set of circumstances would use the common sense that they were born with. It is a sad state of events that this man who has a criminal history would suddenly become glorified and glamorized, and shown on numerous News outlet
    as a sex symbol. Ladies,please wise up,this man is (probably)more in love with himself, because of all the media attention that his mug shot has generated. Just Saying!!

  8. Do you really think the devil is going to appear with a tail, pitchfork & horns? Look closer, he’s got evil, wicked eyes.

  9. The Kardahsians are sending him their phone numbers. Paula Abdul is now soaking wet and
    sending him clothes.

    Gangs are the most serious threat to America today. Who will be the public official to take them on and stamp them out, in and out of prison? Not the great BLACK leader or his people.

  10. Ok, he’s attractive. I’ll give him that, but so are a lot of other men who aren’t criminals. But I do hope that the free publicity will help him turn his life around in a positive direction.

  11. You’d love to see him profit from all of this attention?

    This man is a bad seed who should be locked up forever.

  12. Strom, the biggest threat this country faces are the evil politicians amc corporations that control this country.

  13. Sorry, he does nothing for. When I saw the mugshot I thought he looked reptilian. And scary looking, like an unsub.

  14. Don’t be fooled by just this one jerk. Truth is, every loser in the slammer and every lonely loser skank female are itchin’ for a relationship, any kind of relatioship. Multitudes have written O.J. hoping to date him when he gets out. Sicko’s are everywhere and jail is no different. The key word here is loser.

  15. PS: And it doesn’t matter too much what they look like. Some women want to marry them w/out even a french kiss, just so they can say they are married. I read a story once where a lady married a guy who is serving life; she just wanted the title Mrs.

  16. Except for those blue eyes, theres nothing special about him. A thug who belongs to jail. Of course libtard media is praising him like he’s the 8th wonder…. Idiocracy anyone?

  17. as a criminal he will fit right the EFF in the fashion industry.

    its time for homeboy to use his brain, put the thug life on the shelf and cash in on his notoriety.

    wifey has to play her position and STFU.
    wifey: let the women and men drool all over him as long as the price is right.

    looks like that belong in front of a camera, not rotting in prison cell.

    make that money and don’t blow it all drugs and hoes.

    dr dre. whose music idolized gang bangers is a freaking billionaire after selling beatz to apple.

    pss. with that kind of bone structure, crystal blue eyes and those full lips,how on earth can you dismiss this guy as unattractive?

  18. Kinda reminds me of all the loons who swooned over Osama Bin Laden, except this guy pales by comparison in terms of crimes committed. Also, this guy is far better looking. A shame to see.

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