Love, love, love, this Ellen Von Unwerth Glamour magazine photo of Jennifer Lopez looking like a 60’s sex kitten reading Valley of the Dolls. Very Ann-Margret. Jennifer has always seemed like a cool and distant diva but this makes her look accessible. It will be interesting to see how she comes off on her new job on American Idol.


  1. Idol has “jumped the shark” so to speak. Jennie’s manager needs to get on the stick.

  2. Ann-Margret? She wishes. Ann-Margret is beautiful and has more sex appeal in her pinki than Jennifer Lopez could ever hope for even with a full body and personality makeover.

    Ugh, I just realized that with this ridiculous decision to put Lopez on AI, we are going to be flooded in all avenues with a glut of pointless JHo hype.

    Janet, just say No!

    But thank you for not pimping Michael Lohan and Jon- and- Kate- I- Hate like TMZ does (STILL)!

  3. Sure Janet, nothing says “accessible” like leopard print pants.

  4. All do respect to Lopez, but you take a Latina and make her look like a red-headed Scandinavian-American? What is the point?

    This is just a small example of the media running amok, drunk with its own power. Susan Boyle, American Idol, The Jersey Shore, are much more disturbing examples.

  5. E: I agree. Can’t stand J-Lo. She has pimped herself out so much in the past (P-Diddy, etc) that the last horror she will do is to bring down the final curtain on A.I. The only ones watching it will be the relatives/friends of the finalists, who will never make it big anyway, even the #1 winner. Only a very few of the last 12 finalists are ever heard from again.

  6. I have always lobbied for AI to be called The Talentless and Sexless…oh, and Tubby….The Tubby, Talentless and Sexless…and Fashion-Challenged…The Tubby, Talentless, Sexless and Fashion-Challenged…oh, and Closeted…

  7. Have u seen the rest of her pictures from this photoshoot? Photoshop at max. ANN MARGRET? In her dreams mabe.

  8. J-Lo and Ann-Margret not even in the same ball park. One is a international beauty, dancer and actor. The other has a big ass.

  9. she is turning into a “CHEAP”, SAD & ATTENTION GRABBING celeb.

    a bit like dated pamela(anderson)

  10. Don’t like J-Lo or the spider-monkey she calls a husband.

  11. J-Lo is doing Ann Margaret, Jennifer Anniston is doing Barbra Streisand…I dunno, it doesn’t make me like either of them any more than I typically do, which is not at all. I hope the soccer moms and folks these two cater to with their stupid inane movies are enjoying it. blech…

  12. Janet C must be paid well to put the recent stories up on J Lo. Her manager is as willing to pay for publicity now as J was willing to give booty to Black Puffy Combs to become famous. When she opens her mouth or comments it all goes away, so you can see her smart manager is making sure she says very little.

  13. Casonia logenberry..For 7 days off from blogging is going to drive me crazy not to communicate but the librarys are closed down for 7 painful days and always love Hells kitchen says:

    Jennifer what ever it takes to stay on top is all that matters and Ann Margret is one of a kind in her time and she was the first to really blow americans away with her sexy and sweet ways and of course Jennifer you have your own thing little lovely lady and your off the hook.

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