Our two favorite celebrity looks at the Christian Dior fashion show in Paris: Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence – she’s staying at the incredibly posh Ritz hotel while she enjoys Fashion Week. It’s amazing what a hit movie can do for you. Jennifer looks appropriately beautiful in her summer dress and we wonder what’s in those goody bags. Marc Jacobs is still promoting skirts for men – he’s hoping the idea catches on. Interesting shoes, however…

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  1. Marc Jacobs looks ridiculous. I don’t care how many times this fool wears a skirt & clown shoes, it’ll never catch on.

  2. He’s a freak.. he’s a loser.. abhors being odd looking and copes as cold blooded selfish and opinionated, missing that compassion and respect for others in his shallow relationships.. Power mad and jealous as only one who loves to have something better than you can look down on you for not having it without compassion, so to please him you must accept he is possessive, controlling, easily rejecting, and entirely wired as dangerously superior.. for he always hates everyone and thing.. and you will never be good enough even if you weakly agree with him.

  3. I hope Walt doesn’t wear the same dress to the soiree that I do.
    That’s always so awkward.
    Could end in a punch up.

  4. He seems to wear only hideous shoes (has he lost a bet or something?). Is he carrying a purse?!! I suppose we should be grateful that his skirt doesn’t have a high slit up the side and big shiny sequins.

  5. Patrick, Don’t worry buddy. You know I am partial to chiffon party dresses. lol

  6. ” Marc Jacobs is still promoting skirts for men – he’s hoping the idea catches on. Interesting shoes, however…”

    You say this all as if the shoes are the ONLY problem with this idea…

  7. @ Patrick, far too funny, tea all over the laptop, thanks a bunch

  8. Total clown shoes. Love his handbags but he lost it on his clothes. Has he no shame or sense of embarrassment?

  9. note to marc: have head examined…….find room for rent.

  10. hello Harvey Weinstein! (the old guy next to Jennifer L)

  11. Oh for God’s sake, he needs to put some pants on. Has he caught on that most men don’t want to wear skirts. Hell I don’t even want to wear skirts.

  12. Damn, marylou, tell us how you really feel! Is there more? please!

  13. How does this self-obsessed weirdo make so much dough in the fashion industry? He has horrible taste in everything. I don’t like his ugly clothes, purses, perfume, etc., either. It always amazes me that he sells so much of his ugly crap, and for so much $.

  14. To:yoyo
    My thoughts exactly!He looks ridiculous and stupid and is way overrated as a designer.

  15. @marylou
    “….and entirely wired as dangerously superior….”

    I like the way in which you worded that specific phrase Ms. Marylou. Personally, I don’t have harsh feelings toward Mr. Jacobs at all. I find his clothing humorous and interesting. Still, I can’t help but enjoy your description. 🙂

  16. even his tattoos are butt ugly and stupid as well so something is really off….

  17. He is the pain in the ass america suffers today……..

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