Jennifer Aniston caused a mob scene at Harrods today for her fragrance launch – and she looked like a real movie star. The BIG Surprise of the day was the name change at the very last minute. The scent was originally dubbed “Lolavie” but today it was renamed “Jennifer Aniston – The Debut Fragrance.” It seems the Lolavie name had journalists in an uproar- no one knew what it meant (what language was it?) and they started wildly speculating and making jokes about it. Marketing experts finally realized that “Lolavie” wasn’t working, and they went with Jennifer’s name. By the way, Jen actively developed the scent and describes it as “fresh, clean, and subtle.”

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  1. How pathetic that Aniston has to try to steal Angelina’s thunder by launching her new perfume 2 days before Angelina’s movie opens. Like she couldn’t have know this was the Salt premier week. Well my family and I are definitely going to see Salt this weekend to support my girl “Angie”.
    I sure hope all the other people who see through Aniston, and her obvious obsession with Angelina, go out to support Angelina this weekend as well!!

  2. Not only will I not see Salt this weekend, I won’t see it EVER. I won’t pay a cent to contribute to that freak of a female and her brother tonguing ways. She can keep her vials of blood and her moronic tattoos, and her scrawny anorexic big lipped baby buying husband stealing self, I’m not interested.

    Altho, I don’t know why Jen thinks the world needs another damn perfume! Everybody and their mother, brother and son has a stupid perfume nowadays. Surely the world can’t be that horrible to smell in it’s natural state. I myself can’t stand to come into a room and get choked instantly on the colliding odors fighting for superiority. Everybody seems to be pouring half the bottle over their heads nowadays from the smell of it. Add in the perfumed deodorants and the hair gels and sprays and you have an instant cocktail of putrifying flowers and sweets that would choke a dead horse!

  3. Ha Reta, totally agree. One of the worst things around these days is the douchey young guy who smells like an 18th century French whore.

    I think it is democratization and egalitarianism gone wonky. Perfume was once the possession of only the wealthiest of people, now any prole can go to Walmart or Target and buy a bottle of smellies. And sister do they splash it about!

  4. Smells of desperation.

    Homegirl needs to find other ways to occupy her damn time. Maybe some philanthropic efforts would do her good.

  5. “Desperate”. Smells of tears, ocean and spray tan.

  6. Hmmm I don’t know I would rather see Salt. After Inception, I need an action flick badly. And the Jolie can pull of those action flick wells. Besides I have a huge crush on Liev Schrieber. Yum.

  7. Clementine, lol. You forgot it smells pretty “BORING” as well. She’s as exciting as a bowl of oatmeal.

  8. people do these things because they are afraid of growing old & grumpy.

  9. Sally, I just looked at my bowl of oatmeal and realized, damn it is boring. Better add some raisins and nuts to it.

  10. If Jennifer is at Harrods, Mr. Fayad thinks she’s hot. That’s some powerful backing.

  11. Mr. Fayad has sold Harrod’s.

    The pic on right is Chinnifer trying in vain to hide the long square chin and unusual jaw shape.

    I agree about the perfume. The old stand-by like Chanel #5 is better and 1/10 the price of a perfume with someone’s name on it.

  12. I agree, there are too many stinky smells around, how about soap and water? Abercrombie and Fitch has RUINED the mall that I go to, they pump that putrid cologne out into the air and it has polluted the entire mall, I don’t go there any more unless I want to come home and wash my hair immediately. I feel sorry for their employees having to breathe that stuff all day. Oh wait, this was about Jennifer A … LOL

  13. I think colognes and perfumes are another example of the corporate world trying to redefine reality. The message is that reality and the natural is offensive in some way, and so must be altered, or replaced by something manufactured. This applies to breasts (implants), penises (circumcision), public hair (shaving, waxing and shaping), and scent.

  14. Who the hell would care what Mr. Fayad thinks?

    That man’s about as desperate as she is. He did sell Harrods, but has been trying to kiss royalty ass for years so he can have a title and an English citizenship.

    And sorry to disappoint, but Jen is not sexy. She’s pretty, but not sexy. I will give her one credit though: she has the best body ever. Beautiful skin as well. Other than that nothing much to her. She’s pretty replaceable.

  15. I bet she’s really nice to her friends. And, she looks fabulous without having to have tantrums like Angelina to prove how special she is.

  16. Look at it this way:
    Her only movie success in the past five years involved a dog and was based on a best selling book. They could have put anyone in that role and people would have gone to see it because of the book. She won’t win any awards for her acting or will ever be that “movie star”.

    Her continued fame is based on this drama and people continue to be fascinated by her because of what happened between her and Brad. And honestly that was five years ago and really why is it still an issue?

    I don’t know if she will ever get married because if she does her fame would probably evaporate. She can play the martyr as long as she stays single. There’s nothing fabulous about that.

  17. Sebastian, I agree completely, add to the list the horrible yanked back faces! Sly Stallone was nearly impossible to look right at on Letterman the other night and thankfully covered most of his hideous tight face with huge sunglasses (inside and on a TV show).

    And Sally, I disagree about Jen being Sexy. I think her personality is charming and fun and sweet, which adds to her sexiness. She was on Letterman also not too long ago and came out in an exquisite form fitting simple black dress and her legs were incredible looking as she walked across to meet Dave. Her hair was luscious (and real) and her face was perfect and didn’t need tons of make-up to make her pretty, she just WAS and she has really pretty green eyes and perfect skin. Dave was charmed by her and she was a natural as always. Very lighthearted and funny and had the audience right there with her. I don’t understand why so many people bash this woman, she has always been a decent woman and and stayed classy when she went thru her divorce. I would have been bad-mouthing that brother-kissing bitch Angie all over the place if I were her!

  18. Aniston was terrific in “The Good Girl” — I think that one came out about five years ago. She definitely played against type. Re: perfumes, I’m more into pure oils like tangerine and lemon and rose that cost about $15 and last a very long time… someone has to be desperate to buy some “star” fragrance. Also, the original name of her fragrance, Lolavie, has me thinking of just one thing: Jim Backus on “Gilligan’s Island” calling his wife “lovey!” 🙂

  19. Sally, I disagree also about the sexy comment. Jen does not always come off as sexy, that is true – I think she has some styling issues. However, it is over a year since her appearance on 30Rock (CrazyPussy), and I still cannot get images from her in that show out of my head.


  20. BTW, Jen was brilliant in Friends with Money.

  21. Fragrances are made up of total chemicals now a day. It’s really bad for you. I never wear it anymore! It’s a big waste of money for bad health down the line.

  22. I don’t know what I really think about Jennifer, but I do know one thing and that’s her movies suck. She’s kinda sexy, but I can’t put my fingers on it.

  23. I never said she was unattractive, but she’s not sexy. At best she’s the girl you think is cute and sweet and her hair is super shiny.

    I did agree she has one hot body and great hair and those are the things that define her. Other than physical aesthetics there’s nothing special about her. She’s what I call a blender, those Hollywood girls that just get lost in the scenery.

  24. As far at The Good Girl and Friends with Money: any actress could have played those roles. I don’t think she’s found a role outside her TV show that she can truly “own”.

  25. She is jealous and hates Angelina. That (as I have stated in previous posts) is the Law of the Jungle. You can bet your sweet life that Jen wishes the clock was turned back about 5 1/2 years before the whore stole her arm candy. She enjoyed him (he IS a creep) on her arm, and most men she dates can see she is still hoping he’ll come back to her.

  26. I don’t like the whole perfume trend. Jen is sexy. Jen is boring. Jen is a star who has done nothing shameful, so I like her, a lot. In the olden days, a couple of “troubled” stars was fun…hell it is now. But ALL of them seem to be troubled—in criminal ways. Jen’s not. That’s cool.

  27. Indy, do you live inside Jen’s head? How exactly, I would like to know, do you determine that Jen is “jealous and hates Angelina”? I really get tired of people making these blanket statements of fact when in reality you could know NOTHING about it unless she specifically told that to you OR you ARE HER. Now, which is it Indy?

  28. I am with you Teddy.

    Sally Jen is sexy in the true sense of the word. One need not be beautiful or even attractive to be sexy. Sexiness is about having a powerful personality.

    I find Jen sexy because she is of a segment of a generation of women who were guileless – they communicated in a direct honest way, did not camp it up, and did not put on silly voices or do that thing where everything said is a question.

    That being said, I think how she dresses plays a part in how pronounced her sexiness is. She often does that nineties serious woman look. If she would consistently tart it up, she would have men rolling on the floors and humping the furniture.

  29. Sebastian: beauty has nothing to do with sexiness. I didn’t elude to aesthetics being a component of beauty. Sexiness is all in the attitude and how one carries oneself. That much is true. I find Ben Kingsley to be a sexy beast, but many disagree. It’s all in the eye of the beholder. We can agree to disagree because our ideas of beauty and sexy are very different. I don’t find Jen appealing and have never been a fan. We all have different opinions regarding public figures. Such is life.

    As far as “troubled”, people are all “troubled” in their own way. Jen has said in countless interviews that she’s very insecure and narcissistic. That’s her downfall. It doesn’t make her less of a human. There’s no such thing as perfect. Perfection is just an idea.

  30. Reta, we can all SURMISE things about celebs, right? That’s a part of the whole scheme of things on almost every subject Janet puts up. I still stand by the “law of the jungle” premise.

  31. Sally, sure. I respect your opinion. However, I was just giving you my opinion as a red-blooded Ameri…uhm…Canadian male. And we are talking about the sexiness of a woman here.

    I think if you showed any hetero-male hot pictures of Aniston, such as the stills from her appearance on 30Rock, they would go Hubba-Hubba-Hubba.

    Sure everyone has an opinion, which should generally be respected. However, if you are talking about the sex appeal of a male, you ask the straight women and gay men. And if you are talking about the sex appeal of a woman, you ask the straight men and lesbians. You don’t invite the neighborhood teetotaler to help you choose a bottle of wine.

  32. Sally,

    You sound angry and pathetic. I think from your name I can smell the fat seeping from your chins. It’s people like you who deserve smelly, brother sucking whores like Angelina Jolie. Go eat your bowls of oatmeal and look in the mirror and maybe take some lessons from Jen on how to wear a one piece outfir without ripping it up. I hear pig sounds and it sounds like you. Get a life. Please respond before your chew away your keyboard.

  33. A big P.S. to my comment above: So call the frigging gossip police on me. This is just a FEELING I have about Jennifer still wishing the big lipped whore had not come between them. ALSO, all the tabloids and rag mags have had something to say about the same thing I said, which is: men are shy of her because she is needy and clingy and they feel they maybe can’t measure up to the great Brad Arm-Pitt.

  34. To: Sally is FAT

    Actually I’m not fat at all, but how sweet of you to speculate. I don’t really like oatmeal, I’m more of a coffee and toast in the morning gal. And I think pigs are disgusting, I prefer birds. I don’t really eat pork and too much sugar gives me a headache. Yeah, I’ve never been too fond of my name either.

    You apparently have anger issues yourself and I’m sorry you feel the need to make comments about someone you’ve never seen. Heed your own advice, go out breathe some fresh air, and find some friends to create a Jen Aniston fan club. Hell smoke a joint if you have to. See life is not so bad.

  35. Sally, I like you girl, and I knew you weren’t fat all along. Some people are just envious of your great beauty and you can tell who they are because they don’t have the balls to even post their own names. Chicken shit!

    And Indy, you’re still screwed. You make comments STATING things as FACT when in truth you have no way of KNOWING, do you? I suggest from now on, instead, you say “I think” or “I feel” of “I believe” which leaves it up to interpetation by the reader. See what I mean? But no, you said “She is jealous of Angelina” which is a STATEMENT and should be, if you’re going to use it, a known fact by you. You come off looking like a real ass otherwise going around insisting you KNOW what Jen is feeling or thinking, which I hope by now, you have figured out, would be IMPOSSIBLE for you to KNOW!

  36. Yes, I do know ALL about her. I have supernatural powers…lol.. Besides that, I read reports of her pining away for him in the Star,Globe, and Enquirer. It said she kept letters from him, mementos, jewelry and looks at these items often. Do the tabloids lie? lol….And she may or may not be jealous of 6 kids, which will bind him to Angie forever. There is a book coming out soon about Angie and her deep dark secrets.

    Whatever you think though is OK by me. This is not the signing of the Magna Carta.

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