Madonna has a habit of popping up on various street locations around London as she directs her first feature film W.E. This week she used a Kensington pub as a location and was seen yelling orders to her film crew on the street. Insiders say she is determined to prove she can succeed in her ex-husband Guy Ritchie’s profession and deliberately chose a script about two strong women. Fourteen year old Lourdes couldn’t be happier about spending the summer in London instead of her usual favorite New York, because she has small role in the movie and will make her film debut.



  1. Yes, of COURSE she will be making her film debut in her mother’s movie, who ELSE would you expect to find in the role? Let’s just hope the child is a much better actress than her mother, who has always sucked to high heaven! And I can’t BEGIN to imagine her thinking she can direct. What makes her think she can do that? Because she was MARRIED to a director? I think she’s a pretty dim bulb when you look at the bigger picture. She’s just a spoiled bitch who wants to do things, so buys her way into whatever she wants and buys whatever she wants for her kids as well. I’m sure it will reek, and I’m sure as well it will be a huge bomb the likes of the new Mel movie “The Beaver”.

  2. Madonna is a professional dilettante – she never did anything particularly well, was a dabbler, and was most talented at harnessing other people’s talent for her own gain. At least if she has some success at film-making we might see less of her tired old carcass on stage, in videos and in ad campaigns. Best of luck Madge!!!

  3. I have a strange love/hate relationship with this woman. She was tolerable until she got all mystical. Ever read or hear any of her interviews? You got to be stoned out of your mind to deal with her level of “depth”.

    Look at it this way: I’d rather have her behind the camera than in front of it.

  4. Haha, right on.

    God, I hope Lourdes didn’t inherit her mother’s (nonexistent) acting talent.

    The one good thing about her marriage to Ritchie was we didn’t have to hear about ol’ Vadge so much.

    How does she think she will have developed directing talent? Osmosis?

  5. another celebrity kid who will fail dramaticely, folks!!

  6. Does this mean that Tiger’s wife should become a professional golfer because she was married to him. Madonna is, was and always will be an ass. She gets on your last nerve.

  7. Ha! I’m sure Madonna and Lourdes are so jealous of all you haters and your big fancy successful lives, and all your money from all your projects!!!! If it makes you feel better about yourself to snark on someone rich and successful, go ahead, but it is the people of the world who made Madonna a legend.

  8. I would not want to be this trampy hag if I had triple $$$ she has. She can have her money and fame (all obtained from filthy videos and shows). Not only that, she has assured herself of a place beside old Beelzebub (satan) forevermore because of her association with Kabbalah. Not jealous, don’t hate, no thanks.

  9. Posy, why do you assume that people who detest this hag are jealous of her? That’s the most IGNORANT and IMMATURE way of looking at things you could possibly have. Let it actually enter you tiny brain that other than the ones who blindly worship the woman (like you) there are other people who actually find her unappealing, untalented, skanky, whorish, boring, clownish, oh and don’t forget a baby buyer like Angelina.

    She can go to a poor country and plop down a wad of cash and walk away with someone’s kid as she did with the little black girl who actually HAS a father who wanted her back. She is NOT an ORPHAN. There aren’t enough words to describe the disgust I feel for this plastic-faced, man-armed female. I wouldn’t walk across the street to see her for free.

  10. Posy, you have it quite wrong. People usually become successes in the entertainment world because they are screwed up, and need constant approval, from everyone. This is some like Madge can be worth hundreds of millions but will still do anything to keep in the public eye.

    Most of these celebs are pathetic with no moral center, no clear view of who they really are, little contentment, or appreciation for the truly valuable things in this world.

    As for the world making her a legend: Sure it did. No one fails appealing to the lowest common denominator.

  11. haha
    every day they are protesting they are not “jealous” in this comments section.
    say it 6 more times plz

  12. princessjohnson: do you have ANYTHING actually intelligent to say? You seem to have one channel: jealousy. get over it girl, perhaps YOU feel jealousy for these twits of “entertainment” but that doesn’t mean everybody else does. I can’t STAND Madonna and think she’s a disfigured by surgery, whore who screws anybody and everybody who comes near her. And just because she has money from her career, doesn’t mean she is actually talented. She sure can’t act, that’s a fact! And her lip syncing isn’t much to brag about either. Her face looks like a plastic mask. But I guess you love that, huh? You also probably love how she buys children when she goes out shopping, even ones who are NOT orphans. How does THAT sit well with you I wonder? How would you like her coming along and buying up one of YOUR children just because she could? But you probably wouldn’t mind because you think she can do no wrong and blindly go following her like the Pied Piper (look it up). You’re like all the other blind lemmings of the world, blindly jumping off the cliffs after your “idols” because they told you to. Get a grip girl and if you can actually see the trollup without the rose colored glasses you might see that she’s actually laughing all the way to the bank!

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