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Last night Jennifer Aniston flew in from London and she was greeted by dozens of paparazzi at LAX. She’s just spent a few days with the guy she’s STILL seeing, Vince Vaughn, who’s working there. They must have had a good time in his penthouse suite because she returned home looking very blonde and in a good mood. It looks like she bought a cap while she was there but it did nothing to disguise her. Jen caused such a stir in the airport that police had to escort her out.


  1. She looks like Barbra Streisand in “What’s Up Doc?” with that hair and hat. What’s the news on Farrah Fawcett? Is she doing okay? Prognosis?

  2. She the most hideous, overrated no talent in Tinseltown. And the fact that the LAPD resources were spent with her instead of fighting crime should be an embarrassment to the Police Commissioner and our photo-opp loving mayor. WHEN OH WHEN will she finally be OLD NEWS!??!!!

  3. What a coincidence that all those paps showed up at the airport! I’m sure one of her flunkies didn’t tip them off.

  4. What a coincidence that all those paps showed up at the airport! I’m sure one of her flunkies didn’t tip them off.

  5. Isn’t this a woman who constantly complains that the paps are taking pictures of her? Isn’t this the woman who whines obsessively about how her privacy is always being violated? She sure seems happy to have her picture taken (even though she looks like hell here – seriously, she looks every bit her 38 years here and then some)?
    Gee, how in the world did all those photographers manage to know exactly when her flight was coming in? Gee, how did the police end up getting called to protect her when allegedly no one knew she was arriving? Coincidence, I think not.
    She loves the publicity just as much as anyone else which is why when she whines about the press I roll my eyes.

  6. Jealousy doesn’t look good on any of you.
    Kisses, Margo

  7. Her agent works overtime on keeping that dull woman in the limelight…but, she has only that going for I guess if she gets off on attention like that its a clue as to her IQ(no wonder he left)

  8. I agree with Margo, you guys are sad, but kind of bizarre too. You read the gossip, then insult it. Then you come back and…read it again.

  9. See how it should be done? No need to run over innocent people or have a goon bop them in the nose.

  10. This is a disgrace. I’ve seen this popping up on the internet and now here it is again.
    And again I say that the LAPD gets funding from both the Federal government and from the state of California –
    THIS IS WHERE YOUR TAX DOLLARS ARE GOING and I urge you all to contact yoour congressperson and if you live in California, whomever your state assemblyperson is and let them know how the LAPD is wasting YOUR tax dollars to help ‘protect’ this and any other attention seeking celebrity. Sorry, but TMZ stated she could have gone out the back way, like all the other celebrities do. And she can damn well afford to pay for her own ‘security’. This is sickening.

  11. So this is how your taxes get wasted on. What a shame. Instead of fighting crime or protecting someone they are wasting their time protecting a nobody.

  12. Just imagine if something like this occurred in a poor country like Namibia.
    The shame of it all.

  13. Out the back door my *ss.
    Where do you think she landed? In some small town airport in the middle of a cornfield?
    Must be why we see so many
    celebrity photos taken at the airport. Because they went out the “back door”.

  14. What a ham she is! I’ve always like Jennifer Aniston but not after this publicity stunt. She’s an airhead…you can tell by that smile that she’s enjoying the hell out of all the attention. Shame on the police force for falling for that shit. THey should be out solving crimes instead of this crap. Did you see the other pics of Jennifer at the airport. She’s grinning from ear to ear, not trying to disguise herself whatsoever. She wanted to be noticed. What a bitch!

  15. Quote: Just imagine if something like this occurred in a poor country like Namibia.
    The shame of it all.
    Duh. Aren’t they the ones to shut down hotels and have their own government run interference so American hot-shots can go over and have babies??

  16. I heard the paps were given the heads up – notice how thigs with vince are hot and heavy during the filming, at the release and for all premieres – then it fizzled and now magically they are hot again – just in time for the release of the video…hmmm?

  17. That will be the biggest audience in her career (fizzle)…and pansy Vince will get tired of pretending and announce he is gay..(thing to do these days)….and then, she will have to admit that there is nothing there…or ever was…

  18. I saw a video of those cops swarming all over her. She couldnt have had more security if she had been President Bush. I would be pretty pissed if those were my tax dollars participating in a publicity stunt. The person who gave the OK for that ought to be fired.

  19. Why all the fuss over this frau? such a nothing.How many bomb movies do you need to make before they stop taking your pic?

  20. After reading all the above, I’m more convinced than ever that Brangelina (“anonymous”) is an avid reader of this website and loves to put Jen down. Too bad that Jen has so much more class than you do Angelina. Why don’t you go steal someone elses husband/boyfriend. That’s what you are really good at. Or maybe someones girlfriend, as you don’t seem to care which. I wish all the best to Jen and whomever is lucky enough to marry her. Karma is real!

  21. she is a no nothing person. i can t say “actress” cause she isn’t. Lousy

  22. Whois Jennifer Anniston? Oh, right, Brad Pitt’s ex. The “Friends” girl. Is she still in Hollywood?

  23. I think Vince Vaughn obviously showed her a good time in the penthouse suite during the few days they spent together. That grin doesn’t come for nothing. That’s the face of a woman who has been loved and loved good.

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