We can’t WAIT to find out how drug addled Jeff Conaway ended up in a heap of broken bones at the bottom of the stairs at his house. We can’t help thinking of that scene in the old movie “Kiss of Death” where Richard Widmark pushes a woman in a wheelchair down the stairs while laughing demonically. Did someone FINALLY get sick and tired of Jeff’s whining, self-pity and demands? Celebrity Rehab reject Conaway was incredibly obnoxious on the show – always making excuses for his abysmal behavior – nothing was ever HIS fault. It made for great TV, but imagine LIVING with him! We’re surprised it didn’t happen sooner.


  1. I know you wer being sarcastic when you called his girlfriend “charming”! She is one nasty bitch and was evil as hell to Jeff on that show. I watched both shows and she is nothing but a user, using him for a place to live and for his money, what’s left of it, and to get drugs off him. They are co-dependant abusers and druggies and I’d bet anything the bitch threw him down the stairs! He’s probably so far gone he can’t even get his brain together enough to talk and tell what happened to him to put her ass in jail where she belongs. She was horribly abusive to him right on TV in front of the cameras, I can just imagine what she’d do to him when no one’s looking. She licked him in his back really hard when he was already complaining of severe pain there. Someone who CARES about you DOESN’T do that!!

  2. I agree with Rena, I think that so called girlfriend of his pushed him down the stairs.

    does he hae a life insurance policy with her as the beneficiary?

  3. He kept telling Dr Drew that he needed additional surgery and Drew told him it wouldn’t help, well now he is getting his surgery, and then the drugs after that, along with the drugs he already takes, the guy is gonna die and Vicky is a horrible person, mean and nasty, I saw that kick to his back and I was stunned!!!

  4. I see that he is has now turned into Gary Busey’s twin brother — that once handsome face has been ruined by drugs… not to mention that his brain is permanently fried.
    After Taxi, what did this guy do?

  5. Conaway was expected to be the breakout star of Taxi. Everyone else in that ensemble cast became a star, or at least a reputable working actor, and Conaway went nowhere. If that happened to you, wouldn’t you be a pathetic, whining, drug-addled mess?

  6. Reta called it correctly, in every single thing.

    I think Conaway had a lot of talent, but the word is that he got addicted to alcohol and coke and lost his career because the personality you see today came out then.

    I believe him when he tells of the abuse he suffered as a child; and he may always be broken from it, but at every step he has turned toward the addiction and may never leave it. It’s a shame.

  7. I have never watched anything on him long enough to know what the heck his problems are, but boy he keeps poppin up all over. He sure knows how to stay in the public eye, too bad its not for anything good.

  8. “NASCAR-RACING” is still his favourite sport.

  9. Seen the show once and boy is he a mess. But I can’t say his so-called gal pal did the deed.

  10. The thought of Vikki pushing him down the stairs popped in my head when I first heard about it.

    She probably did it for more DRUGS! She is just as messed up as he is! Maybe more!

  11. Reta, I didn’t see the show, but did Vikki LICK him in the back or KICK him in the back? I was laughing my head off at how you wrote it. I know, typos are a bear.

  12. I think it is more plausible he threw himself down the stairs to injure himself so that he could get a supply of the pain medication he has been addicted to for 20 years. There are some harsh unfounded comments here accusing Vicky of pushing him down the stairs that are possibly grounds for a libel suit.

  13. Wow Janet, you were particularly nasty writing this one. Perhaps he didn’t need pushing. The drug addled are not very good with stairs.

  14. I Love this guy and really miss him and never under stood that he was in so much pain and was on pain pills but people really pissed him off and made him mad and anger him at times but was happy to see him and was happy he was on t.v. before he died and really love his acting and dancing and he is handsome and really attractive and that poor sweet heart went throw so much but he made his mark in this world and really had his special!Kind of love for what he did and man oh man at his peak he really brought something to the table and he is well missed and always thought he was getting better but his time is up and he made the best of what he did with his life and he will always be remembered for what he did forever and ever?

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