James Garner was a real man’s man and he will be missed. The 6’2” actor was a classically handsome leading man in the fifties and sixties and he was funny enough to costar in comedies with Doris Day. James Garner’s characters always had something in common with the actor. There was a sly bit of con man or rascal there, but basically Garner played relaxed, decent, honest, and always unpretentious characters. (Maverick and Rockford Files especially) You had to love them. He was married to his wife Lois for 58 years.

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  1. Where is there a list of all the actors who are still alive from the 1980’s and earlier…. As who gives a hoot about who’s on TV now days. Actually, what’s that crap… Say whatever happened to Jerry Springer, the fore front of Reality TV.

  2. He was so handsome and talented. Never was there anything negative about him in his personal life. Didn’t he take on the studio system years ago about the residuals that actors were getting cheated on an win and that changed things so they got money for reruns?

  3. I once read he had a difficult childhood )an abusive parent or step parent).

    and yes, he was exceptionally handsome for a very long time.

  4. A class act. He fought Universal Studios regarding their “creative” bookkeeping and won. His movies and series were always entertaining. Never heard anything bad about him. And anyone married to the same person for 59 years in Hollywood is a rarity.

  5. My favorite movie star! And one of the nicest, most decent actors.

  6. I agree that he was talented, handsome and did fight and win the studio system so he was also courageous. Rest in peace James.

  7. Download the theme to the Rockford files… It’ll take ya back to those days.

    Mr. Garner was a great actor… Now, look about Hollywood or for that matter Broadway and try and find somebody like him. Somebody who knows something about cars but doesn’t look like the scrawny kid next door.

    James Garner, was probably the biggest bullshitter but humble. Which makes a huge difference. Ya know, he really reminds me of a used car salesman, eh?

  8. Loved his distinctive voice as well as his role as James Rockford on The Rockford Files. RIP.

  9. You could write pages of the great things about Mr. Garner as a person and an actor. Truth is he was/is a Fu*kin LEGEND. Hope he didn’t suffer too much at the end. Do an imdb, if you want to get an idea about him as an actor.

  10. I agree- James Garner was a very special person AND actor – a rare combination…

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