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Jaden Smith 14, in New York with his mother Jada, is filming a video for his song Hello. His singing sister Willow, 12, came along for the ride and got dressed up just in case she gets a cameo. Could be risky – she might steal his thunder. Jada kept an eye on the proceedings – Jaden rocked two tone hair and his perpetually wrinkled brow along with a fur lined hoodie, while Willow was clad in a Native American inspired knit coat with stand-up hair. Actually, it’s a good thing both kids can sing – with a Scientology education there’s not much else they’ll be prepared to do.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

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  1. What scientology education?
    These kids never seem to be in school. They will be the riches dumb negroes. What is up with this boy’s forhead for the love of god? Forever up and wrinkled at early age.

    What is up with my coment janet? Are you mad that i said anne hathway teeth looks like a piano and she looks a prepubescent twink or why didnt sally field give someone a b,j to win the award? She’s not that old to resorting to such foolishness.

  2. What a crock. These are two of the most untalented celeb spawn ever. They have an inflated sense of entitlement. And no talent.

  3. There ‘hard earned’ money will end up in the Cult coffers.

  4. @Hello, you really must try to improve your grammar, and I don’t mean this in a nasty manner, not at all.

    It’s just that some of what you write – is utterly incomprehensible, and ridiculous frankly, when you don’t intend it to be at all … you sound well … a little ret*rded


  5. trite, temporary, sub-literate, the ultimate Hollywood disposable family, false like the Jacksons and Osman’s, as skil-less as the Ryan O’neals, and about as interesting as the Kardashians.

  6. Darling kids but her legs are too skinny. And you’re right – CoS education means NO education.

  7. Nothing darling about the kids or their mother. Poster children for BLACK enablement. They can not say 4 words w/o adding eubonics. Obama loves it!

  8. Jada is a fright w/o makeup. She always seems like a mean little dyke!

  9. Both of these kids seem over indulged and bratty. Maybe they aren’t, they just come across that way. I don’t think it’s easy to be children of so called famous people.

  10. Just being in Scientology proves that ALL the Smiths are dumb, dumb, dumb.

    Jada looks like a man or a tranny.

  11. Those spoiled kids could never work as hard as Donny and Marie. They have been forced down the public’s throats by their parents. They are NOT very likable at all. And they are from the religious cult Scientology. Are their 15 minutes up yet?

  12. People already are tired of this famewhoring family.The kids especially boy looks alway very smug.

  13. Are those TOOTHPICKS that Willow is walking on?? They certainly don’t look like normal LEGS! These kids should both just disappear.

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