Tyra Banks must REALLY be feeling entitled lately, according to her behavior at the opening night of the Broadway show “A Time to Kill.” The Daily News Confidential reported that she arrived at the celebrity laden event in flip flops and no makeup. She tried to slip in a side door to avoid the red carpet altogether but since there WAS no side door she had to rush across the red carpet to the front door. Other celebrities invited to the big event graciously posed for photos and signed autographs while Tyra scooted inside. Has Tyra forgotten that the REASON she is given free tickets to opening nights is because she is EXPECTED to pose for photos and publicize the event? Continue behaving like that and your invitations are likely to dry up!

15 thoughts on “IT’S ALL ABOUT TYRA BANKS

  1. oh there are a few things worse than ” arrogant blacks” Strom.

    In fact, you’re worse, far worse really, you’re demonstratably: ignorant, unskilled, jobless, untravelled, a xenophobic hateful like F*ck.

    all you have are your weird sexual obsessions and all the hate

    Pitiful, pathetic and foul. Tyra and her ilk ( who I can’t stand btw.) are at least, a huge evolutionary step up, from your basement dwelling, anonymous sub-species.

    your parents must be so proud of you, my son, the stain…

  2. Yeah … @Strom, is obviously hugely self deluding. He thinks like a child really, and belives that color somehow delineates conduct, and thinks also – that there a special racial rules which implicitly govern entire races and ethnicities.

    That’s gotta be some of the dumbest couple of ideas there are.

    and from those delusions ladies and gents flow his boneheaded rivers of hate

  3. Sounds like she just didn’t wanna be there. Not sure how not walking the red carpet is being a diva, guess she didn’t want any pictures taken (considering she was in flats and no makeup)

  4. can’t stand her cause she’s such a bitch, and cant stand Strom either, for the same reasons …. hey !!!!! strom must be a rich, talentless, annoying, narcissistic black woman !!!

  5. Poor posters hiding behind several handles. Its not about the posters or hate of truth, it’s about the thread and Queen Tyra that they come to the aid of!

  6. you have the brain of a nine year old Strom, time to give it as rest, eh ?

  7. I think Strom is a male version of Tyra, without the money, intelligence, fame, skill, experiences or fake boobies.

  8. Poor Andrea and Trumpet….throw hate at a poster, but can’t refute anything said.

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