For someone who hates paparazzi and says he wants nothing to do with the Kardashian reality show, Kanye West is acting awfully strange. If he really wanted to be left alone, why did he spend a small fortune to rent a baseball stadium and hire an orchestra and have cameras everywhere filming while he proposed to the mother of his child with a 15 carat diamond ring! He made a spectacular event out of what could have been an intimate moment- does this sound like a guy who wants his privacy?

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News



  1. America debates this rubbish while their Government runs huge deficits and are weighed down with Trillions in Public debt.

  2. They kursed my ballpark! It’s all meaningless because we know she doesn’t take her vows seriously.

  3. Kim’s face looks more freaky every time a new pic comes out. And, mark my words, her hair will look like straw in a year, it takes hell of a lot of bleach to lighten brunette hair. She will be sitting in the beauty shop getting moisture treatments while he takes care of baby North. This will get old soon enough. 🙂

  4. Hmm… Must have really nice and cozy… An empty baseball stadium …and a band… What sort of dumb assed nugger is this guy?

  5. IF they do tie the knot, how long do you think the marriage will last? She’s his beard for his Parisian boyfriend… so… maybe two years, max? Thoughts, everyone?

  6. Press says orchestra and stadium were donated to him, he did not pay a dime.

  7. These two are the biggest fakes on the planet. They planned this, she picked out her own ring and they invited TMZ to film the whole damn thing! For a guy who screams at the paps as if they are his enemies he sure now relies on them to get his ugly puss on the front page. The real horrid thing here is that the world thinks this is news and it simply is not. Both have been engaged more than once and in Kimmode’s care married twice. Two fame whores getting married and the world should celebrate? Don’t think so.

  8. Look at those thighs!! I don’t think Secretariat had thighs that big. I’m SOOOOOOOO sick of seeing/hearing about these fake-ass people.

    I can’t wait for them to implode. Then, and only then, will I be happy to read about them.

  9. Promoters paid for the lavish stupidity.. it was staged, she is decietful, fake, uncaring and what you find is a parody show proving it’s all greedy-egotistical imagination world she lives in.. nothing in her life is real.. except the money.. that she loves..and dumping someone once their usefulness is over suits her. No pain, regrets or fear.. strip that sucker down to the last penny.. even the goofy dumb men she dooms to shameful public humiliation and that unfortunate baby are now useful props to her next staged fake EXTRAVAGANZA.. {Kanye deserves all the crow and humble pie he eats and the seltzer down the pants.. pie in the face he’ll stooge crown he earns going along with what the Komodeians shall repay him in kind.

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