Many delivery people in Hollywood have something in common – they’ve all seen Jeff Goldblum naked! (Above he ‘s featured with Tim Burton’s ex Lisa Marie.) The actor is in the habit of nonchalantly answering the door without a stitch of clothing on! All THE TIME. One delivery person told us “He’s very friendly and acts like it’s nothing unusual – I try to keep my eyes on his face. When I told coworkers about it they said he does it all the time.”

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20 thoughts on “IS JEFF GOLDBLUM A NUDIST?

  1. Give us the details. What shoe size do you think he takes?

  2. Yeh!! Finally a nudist with somethin’ to look at!! All of us chicks love JG!

  3. Ha! To the the poster before me – the last thing I wanna see is some middle-aged dude runnin’ around naked. He’s not even good-lookin’. Dude – get your jollies some other way.

  4. This is too funny. My new favorite site. Janets stories are definately original. Most other sites all have the same stories. Way to go Janet!

  5. not bad for an old dude, looking pretty trim
    imho, that’s exhibitionism not nudism if you’re stripping to the shorts for the delivery dude or chick to come to the door.
    i hope he tips big!

  6. Hmmmm,,,,that explains why ( last winter) he was walking around Barneys upstairs in the men’s dept, without a shirt on. Ofcourse he was trying on clothes, but walking around for a long time without a shirt on,,,and in no hurry to get covered up, and browsing around the pants dept.I thought it was a little strange. Just another needy attention freak.

  7. Great story @7:20pm! Oh yeh he’s an exhibitionistic freaky daddy but still very yummy!

  8. He used to be buff, now, he’s just another saggy middle aged Hollywood exhibitionist.

  9. He is so nice. He taught an acting class I used to go to. I wish he would have shown up naked to that.

  10. I’ve seen it.
    It’s not huge, but it does the trick.
    Of course, it’s best if he waers a bag over that fugly mug while he f**ks you.

  11. Just love the photo with that expression on his face. The cold water hitting his balls while they shrink up inside his stomach! LOL

  12. There is something wrong with anyone who opens up there door in the nude. Yes they are trying to shock you. Well if I went to the door for whatever reason and he was nude I would call the police.

  13. sicko psycho. keep your clothes on, no one wants to see your junk.

  14. He looks fantastic for his age !!! Still a hottie ! Wish I was in that acting class that he taught. I would’ve flashed him from the back of the room ! Great body for someone in their 50’s ! Go Jeff !

  15. sat at the table next to him at Morton’s………..very cool yet intense guy……………….

  16. none of the presley girls have boobs
    this cant be lisa
    boobs are overrated anyway

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