The TV cameras have been removed, but life seems to go on at Honey Boo Boo’s family home in Georgia. Alana seems happy enough, but the rest of the family has turned on Mama June because the TLC gravy train has crashed. Family members had grown accustomed to getting those big checks for appearing on the show and it’s June’s fault that it’s OVER. The future is suddenly NOT so bright. Honey Boo Boo tried to liven things up by dying her hair red for Halloween, but nobody’s laughing.

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI



  1. No one pays for photos of fat people. Unless it’s really really gross.

  2. my poposel: TAE ANOTHER DOUBLE CHEESEBURGER, with extrs cheese.

  3. It would be interesting to see the demographics of their audience as well as the audience of the Kardashians!

  4. I have never watched that Honey Boo Boo show but I’ve seen her and “Mama June” on the talk show circuit.

    A few months back, they were on Jimmy Fallon… that little kid was the rudest little chit I’ve ever seen on a talk show… you could tell that it was taking a lot of effort for Jimmy to be positive and nice with her… and good lord, the mom… I’m sorry, I normally don’t say rude things about people, but how the hell did/does she have two men fighting over her??? (a child molester and the boo boo bear guy, whatever his name is)???

    I feel sorry for the kid because she didn’t ask to be born into that nutjob family.

  5. Headline kind of mean considering you’re t alking about a child.

  6. What’s so sad about her ? She looks just like most American kids these days. I love a joke. I guess that probably explains why St. Jude in Memphis just built a new wing or was it LeBonner Childrens Hospital.

    When are parents going to stop listening to their school teachers who are telling their parents – give them their say. Go stand in line at Subway and watch some parent ask their kids what they want on their sub… The kids hasn’t a clue.

  7. this whole family needs to be put down. and i mean that in the nicest way possible.

  8. Put down? Yes…..and then buried!
    People are watching this crap as — entertainment?

  9. She could actually be a very pretty girl if she exercised — how about a team sport at her school? — and ate a proper diet. I expect we’ll see Alana in less than a decade — entering rehab. Very sad all around.

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