Sylvester Stallone’s amazonian exwife Brigitte Nielsen, 49, is one of the queens of reality TV, and right now she’s between shows. She appeared on Dr Drew’s Celebrity Rehab in 2008 and walked out appearing sober. Besides the US, Brigitte has done many shows in Europe including “Dancing With the Stars,” most recently winning “I’m a Celebrity …Get Me Out Of Here!” in Germany in January. If her behavior in an LA park this week is any indication, she’s trying to get another rehab gig. The six foot Danish model was seen smoking and guzzling vodka out of a bottle, looking disoriented and staggering around a public park. No sign of her young Italian husband Mattie Dessi, with whom she was living in Palm Springs. Is this a ploy to land another Intervention or Rehab show? Or the real thing?

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  1. Ironically I had the same thought when I first read the story on Daily Mail yesterday

  2. Rent and airplane, Strom. Run a banner behind it.Smething like…”Just so ya’ll no, black chicks got the herpes bad.” Signed Strom.

  3. Shame, Brigitte use to be quite a looker in her day. That’s what happens when you live hard, it eventually catches up.

  4. I would love to make a snarky comment but this is just so sad.

  5. I agree with YoYo, she used to be very pretty and very striking in her day. Too bad she squandered her youth and her looks on drugs and alcohol. Smoking also ages a person a lot.

  6. This is so very sad and tragic. Hard to believe she just turned 49 a few weeks ago.

    She had some major nips and tucks done in 2008 and looked wonderful afterward. I hope she can get her life back together for herself and for the sake of her two teenage sons.

  7. I agree with Mish Mash that the pictures are very sad and not funny. Makes me think of Lindsey Lohan in a few years.

  8. Vote: Fake. But so sad due to the desperation for attention.

  9. I think the 2 years or so she spent with Stallone aged her about 6 years. At any rate, she is pitiful and needs help immediately. Going to a park and openly drinking shows her hubby is not supportive and could care less.

  10. You forgot about that show where she started the fauxmance with Flavor Flav (the one with all the “celebrities” living together). One of the strangest couples in reality TV.

  11. Send her back to Denmark. Isn’t she AC/DC and we know she is open for BLACK/white.

  12. She’s knocking back some kind of cheap generic dollar store vodka instead of drinking the good stuff (Belvedere)!!

    Is she drunk and out of money? Wonder if she still has an agent? The woman needs help and a job. This has to be a nightmare for her poor children.

  13. I actually look much better than she does – and I’m 71 yrs. How pathetic. This sorry female has children?????

  14. I thought she would be one of Dr. Drew’s success stories. Maybe the death of Sage Stallone sent her back to the booze.

  15. Only Flava Flav’s love and craziness can save her.. does he have the time..?

  16. @palermo
    You may be right about that. I had completely forgotten about their connection.

  17. she looks awful…celeb rehab no longer on the tv in the usa…but she needs some kind of help

    strom…what does the high rate of herpes in black women have to do with brigitte???

  18. It is a tragedy that is not going noticed and Brigette has never been one to mind crossing the BLACK line. She may well have been infected by some of her “partners”.

  19. This is a weird guess, but if it’s real she might be out there because she’s lonely and doesn’t know how to reach out to people in a real way?

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