All this fuss over Jason Biggs’ tweet! All Jason did was crack a mild joke after the second Malaysian airplane tragedy yesterday. He wisecracked “Anyone wanna buy my Malaysian Airlines frequent flier miles?” Irate readers scornfully tweeted that his remark was “too soon “ and “inappropriate.” It’s FUNNY and harmless and in no way insults the grieving relatives of the crash victims or anyone else! What’s WRONG with these judgmental Americans who jump to take offense to every little thing and act all holier than thou? Get OVER yourselves! Live and let live. We need more laughs and fewer snide complaints. WE ARE FIRMLY ON TEAM JASON. (Except we cannot defend that awful necktie)

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News


  1. Can’t wait for you and your family to be taken down in a plane wreck. I’ll lead the laughter.

  2. Ha. Ha. Asshole with zero class. Janet once again backing another loser.

  3. So much recoil over nothing. Grow some skin public at large. If he had said it to the FACE of a family member that would be one thing but he made a generalized remark in a public forum about the multiple air disasters in one region of world.

    How do you people survive when there really is something to take offense at?

  4. No, you’re wrong Janet. The ones who are judgmental are NOT the Americans! It is the Muslims, who jump to take offense to every little thing and act all holier than thou!! Why don’t they get OVER themselves!

    Live and let live indeed.

  5. What I’ve always wanted to know is who did Jason’s eyebrows? They are gawd-awful! Did the director need an eye exam? Didn’t anyone notice? Where was his mother?

    Those eyebrows deserve to go into the Smithsonian as the UGLIEST eyebrows ever!

  6. @esther. Agreed! How Muslims “get over” things is to kill, burn and drag in the streets.

  7. The tweet wasn’t to anyone’s “face” but might as well as been since it’s on the internet. Said in the privacy of his own home would’ve been another thing. He put this in the most public of places.

  8. I totally agree with Janet on this one.

    It’s funny to joke about children plunging to their death and burning alive with their family. The horror of dismembered bodies in an airplane cabin, on fire, smoke everywhere and suffering is Hollywood gold for humor.

    Jeez, lighten up folks. Just harmless fun about violent death, dismemberment and suffering.

  9. @Lorna – LOL about his eyebrows! And just where was his mother??? Hahaha!

  10. Always too soon.. if he was truthful he’d admit he could care less and is shamelessly hateful.

  11. Efrom, thanks for the backup on this. It seems that most Americans are afraid to say truth out loud, yet they’ll condemn Christians all day long.

    The truth right or wrong, it just is, the truth.

  12. It was his reaction to people commenting that it was too soon or inappropriate that said more about his character then his pathetic attempt to be funny. These narcissistic dumb celebs who share their every thought and fart and then get upset when it isn’t warmly received by the public should learn to either edit themselves or just shut the fck up.

  13. …………….this sort of humor is of all times.

  14. Very tasteless and way too soon to be making jokes, if they are ever appropriate. The man is an idiot.

  15. I guess this makes me a judgy Canadian; it is never funny to joke about a catastrophe like this whether directly/indirectly. Gross and insensitive.

  16. He is not very funny or talented , can’t stand him on Orange Is The New Black. He sucks!

  17. What he should have said was that he was going to buy his ex a lifetime pass on Malaysia Airlines.

  18. If he had posted similar{humour} right after 911?
    How would his career be doing now?
    But it happened in Ukraine. Here’s a map of Europe, America. Point out the Ukraine for me? Not a clue?
    That’s what I thought.

  19. Hey Patrick, look at a map of US states, but without the names & pick out Arkansas, Nebraska, Wyoming, Colorado, Kansas & Utah.
    So stop claiming Americans can’t find European places on a map, because it turns out that Europeans can’t find American states on a map.

  20. To the 2 or 3 above who commented on Jason’s eyebrows…..His are not the worst….just scroll up and take a gander at Justin Bieber’s eyebrows (3rd one down on far left). His brows look like two caterpillars with scoliosis.

    As to Jason’s comments: Too late and he apologized. Just move on and pray for the families and friends of the 298 souls. I hate getting on a plane and the last time was when a 400 pound of blubber sat next to me coming home from HongKong. Pure torture.

  21. Anyone who complains about the US can take their ass to the Middle East, Africa and all these other places where crazy shit happens. Shut the eff up.

  22. @Becca, you’re right about that. Any idiot could point out where the United States is because it is so freaking big and we have only 2 neighbors, Canada and Mexico. However, let’s have your average European identify the states. Yep, they wouldn’t have a clue.

  23. Efrom and Esther are correct. Next time you see a muslim women from the Middle East or Africa, remember that they do not have clitorises. They have them removed in a barbaric fashion AKA female circumcision. So much for America being a horrible, oppressive place and muslims having a “superior” culture.

  24. I forgot to add Indonesia and the other muslim nations in that areas.

  25. Becca why should anyone concern themselves with the geographic location of Rhode Island and South Dakota when they live in Europe? I was talking countries. Big countries like Poland, France and Ukraine. Can you point out Portugal for me, dear?
    Actually there is a Disneyland in France so some fairly astute Americans might be able to find the very important mouse house in that spot.
    Sasha Cohen would not have been successful with Borat if Americans were geographically aware. That was the running gag throughout the whole movie that was completely lost on middle Americans. But the rest of the world was in on it. The joke was on you and you didn’t have a clue.
    Anyway, there should be some great pics of Kardashians out there today. Have a lovely titter over them.

  26. I agree that we need more joking but not his type. Every one has the right to be sensitive & rebut any distasteful remarks.

  27. Patrick, you’re the one who claimed Americans can’t find Ukraine on a map.
    Well, Ukraine has an area of about 233,000 sq. miles or bit smaller than the size of the Canadian province of Alberta.
    I can guarantee you, few Europeans could find Alberta on a map.
    So what’s good for the goose is also good for the gander.
    So stop trashing our knowledge of geography & we’ll stop trashing yours.

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