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Art Linkletter’s widow Lois died recently, and last weekend we went to the Linkletter estate sale in Bel Air. We were very excited to see the amazing mid-century modern house the family lived in and ended up purchasing a few mementos. Art had a pair of Mickey Mouse ears in a glass case in his office that we pounced upon. (Only $5.00!) The estate manager said that Art probably got the ears from his good friend Walt Disney and that Art hosted all the opening events at the Disney theme parks. We found this great old photo from 1959 of the opening of the Monorail featuring Walt, Vice President Nixon and family, and Art in the bubble. Tomorrowland was our favorite place – that’s where we saw the 1960’s House of the Future that sparked our dream of owning such a house someday, and yes, we made it happen.

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  1. I love my city but I would really kill to be able to live in LA for a bit and attend one or fifty of these estate sales.

  2. Great photo of Janet. I think that is the first one posted in a long long time.


    Dragonfly, I love auctions and estate sales too. I went to several in Nashville (country music singers) and they were fun. One of them was just a regular rummage sale and the lady (singer) had her panties bundled up and was selling them five for two dollars!!! Used panties!!! LOL!!!

  3. Very cute, Janet. No one better to have them than you.

  4. @Walt, that is cool. I used to live 45 min from Nashville but never went to any estate sales there. I wish I would have but I would pass on the panties lol.

  5. Dragonfly, They still have them. Wynonna has had a couple but I have never been to hers.

    Some of the auctions in and sales in Nashville are sad because in some cases the singer or writer are needing the money or the bank has taken over (which is usually the case with the auctions).

    My wife’s family are all from the Nashville area. They went to Belmont University, TTU and University of TN (Knoxville).

  6. I have been on a plane with Wynonna and she is not a nice person. I wouldn’t go to her sale if it were all free. She was a total diva.

  7. MIC (see ya soon)…KEY (why? cuz we luv ya) MOUSE! Long live the ears. Nice pic Janet. By the way, use to watch you on Geraldo back in the 90’s, that show was a riot.

  8. I am from Memphis, and have been to several sales from musicians here, some famous… The best thing I ever bought, was an Old English Sheepdog that once belonged to Elvis.(Not from a yard sale, but through my Vet) Her name was Shady Lady, and I bought her from E’s running buddy, Red West. I had her for several years before she died from a heart defect. Great dog! BTW, Red West was a very nice guy.

  9. Mary-Claire, I use to love going to the Memphis in May festival. Eating barbecue and enjoying the concerts. It’s been a few years since I have been. I use to have posters for several of them!

    I can’t mention Memphis without mentioning my favorite ribs place….the Rendezvous in downtown Memphis. Love that place.

  10. Walt…. You are speaking my language now! LOVE Memphis in May, the crowds, the “Q”, the music… The Rendezvous is also my Favorite place for Ribs. My late Husband’s too…. Gotta love the South!

  11. americans wished to deal with only serious politicians from this day…..

  12. You are looking hot, Janet!

    I love your website.

  13. Janet sweetie I love you and your site. But please, tone down the yellow hair. You have a Lady Gaga thing going on and that’s not necessarily a good thing.

  14. Denise, I suppose the yellow/gold hair sets her a part from the others. If you see her hair in a crowd, then you’ll know it’s Miss Janet. If she were to change her hair now, she would blend in…….that’s not such a good thing either. 🙂

    You know, I kind of like those that are different and shake things up a bit. Gaga entertains me and I find her interesting. Now, Miss Janet is a complete mystery and that works for her.

    She should interview some of the older, forgotten celebrities and put the interviews on her website.

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