The phenomenon of “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” has become inescapable so we just HAD to watch the TLC reality series. Needless to say, it is profoundly disturbing. Many people who live on the East and West coasts snobbishly think this series is representative of the rural culture of the Southern states in America and this show will do nothing to dissuade them. This particular “Deliverance” inspired hillbilly family tries to show how happy-go-lucky they are in spite of having limited assets. The really scary thing about this family is the profound and aggressive ignorance and total lack of desire for self improvement. No education and no ambition. There’s no job-hunting going on here. Pregnant teenagers. Disdain for manners. Obesity while gobbling junk food. Lack of cleanliness and parental guidance. Horrifying enough to make anyone watching feel evolved and fortunate. Worst of all, we HATE the idea of viewers around the world forming opinions about Americans based on this show!

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  1. Hey, they don’t have to work. Honey BooBoo is raking in the money. One would wonder though where all the money comes from for expensive pageant dresses, hair, makeup, etc. It seems that Child Protective Services would step in because of revving the kid up on redbull and caffein drinks.

    This is remindful of how Miley Cyrus brings in the money for her family’s upkeep. 🙁

  2. I agree they seem like nice people. Plus, the couponing is a bit of a skill and from what I saw Mama Boo Boo was teaching Alana how to add and subtract while shopping. Maybe not to everyone’s taste but I’ve seen much worse families. And the kids seem decent.

    Plus, Alana makes me laugh. I say well done to them. I hope they make a lot of money and build a better future.

  3. It is amazing cps has not come knocking on there door but if people watch the show and like it..Then the rateing are going to go up and make this family some much needed money to there home but all people in the world are not living this way and only time will tell and only if the show is a hit or miss but this is just one point of view and only time will tell…We just have to get to know this people better and give them a chance and see what happens but most people are just hateful and are to quick to judge and allow this family to open up a window of there life.

  4. i’d burn my eyeballs out before i would ever watch this crap

  5. Dear God in heaven why would anyone put these people on television? I just came over from People.com (sorry Janet you’re not my only gossip vice),and the top story is about this family.

    That woman is only 33!!! And, the 18 year old just had a baby which was born prematurely, and missing some fingers. The article was about the mother (she’s 33???) making fun of the baby.

    Instead of TLC that station should be called WTF.

  6. Truth is truth.. different strokes for different folks.. soon they will make as much money as the Kardashians.. but then that’s the wish of the rich, entertainment people, wisely selecting this family for the distain, shock or amusement value.. producing and reaping the rewards..

  7. @Denise, the article was not about the grandma making fun of the baby. It said the tabloids reported that but she denied it saying they have embraced her uniqueness and that it makes her more special.
    I do not agree with the lifestyle they live but they are not hateful people like the Kardashians.

  8. This is their “base,” the one Republicans are always catering to.

    Base indeed.

  9. These people are stupid hillbilly trash. It’s pathetic that anyone thinks these are normal people. That giant sow who calls herself a mother needs to lose 150lbs, learn to cook healthy food, learn some manners and class, put her daughters on birth control and make the younger one get an education.

  10. Why does anyone watch any programming on TLC. That’s the real question here.

  11. I save my outrage for murderers, peadophiles, rapists, sexual abusers, serial killers and the like. Like others have pointed out they appear to be an uncomplicated loving family that enjoys simple pleasures and come without designer looks. The mother coupons to save money and if I’m not mistaken it came up on the show that the father works 7 days a week. So from what I gather they are law abiding tax paying citizens not hurting anyone. Sure one daughter had a baby but good grief that happens in middle class and wealthy families so be REAL and less of a snob, ie. if your nose was any higher you would drown in a rainstorm.

  12. I have lived in the South all my life. There are some people like this but it is the exception to the rule. We are not all like these folks.

  13. Just because you don’t like a certain show, CC, that in itself does not make you a snob. It makes you a person with different tastes. If the show turns you on, by all means, enjoy it, but for others who aren’t enthralled by it, leave us alone. Grow up.

  14. There are actually people like that in America, and here they are. Jerry Springer too…the fact that people actually watch that trash, and enjoy it….that’s what is scary. In effect, other countries have an accurate picture in many ways, because if Americans didn’t like that stuff and didn’t watch it, then it wouldn’t be on TV. Other countries are getting an accurate sense of what Americans like to watch.

  15. To Nina: Guess only the people that hate the show can have an opinion. LOL. When I was younger I would have looked down at that family but I’ve lived a little, enjoyed a good life and I know what really is important; family, love and lots of innocent fun and this family has it in spades. It takes all types to make this world work and the people earning min wage doing menial jobs that you and I would hate to do are no less deserving of respect then doctors, teachers and lawyers. My guess is some of the kids in that family will fall into the min wage employment category when their time comes. The snob comment was directed more at Janet worried about what the East Coast/West Coast snobs would think about this family. My guess is they also look down at gossip columnists. Janet’s Deliverance comment was out of line. And her comment on lack of cleanliness well the house they live in while modest looks very clean and quite neat. I know well to do people who could take a lesson in cleanliness and manners themselves. Why do people assume that just because you have higher education and money that you automatically have class, better manners, are nicer people, more attractive much happier and aren’t slobs? As if.

  16. I watched it once. There’s a plethora of these reality shows now. Cajun cops, moonshiners etc.
    Yes, the optics are poor on this one but there seems to be love and caring in the family. That’s all that matters in the end.

  17. I haven’t watched the show myself, but the Enquirer says the mother lived on child support and welfare. Honey Boo Boo will probably end up getting too fat for pageants, they’ll spend all their TLC money on dumb stuff, and end up on welfare again.

  18. Well said…. I live in Atlanta and this town isn’t far from here at all distance wise but it’s light years when it comes to everything else. This show is deeply disturbing to me and just sad. The entire nation and world is watching and wondering why or how this could happen? The network has to spell out what they are saying because no one can understand them. Education in America sucks!

  19. I actually find this show entertaining in a sad sort of way & feel sorry for them. Hope TLC isn’t exploiting them but then again, that’s another issue. They seem to care for each other & let’s face it, we can’t all have the Brady Bunch as a family.

  20. The whole situation should remind us of the unsolved murder of JonBenet Ramsey. Anyone could watch BooBoo’s show and easily get into the house. There are many pedophile nutcases out there. It looks as if JonBenet mystery will never be solved. I still think it was the parents, one or both.

  21. The man works 7 days a week, the mother coupons to save money and also uses it to help Alana learn math, and just because they font look or dress like fashion plates doesn’t mean they are dirty or illiterate. Her weight is her business and if I am not mistaken there have been generations of families who have managed their own lives and meals and child rearing and done a dang fine job of it! And I have not once seen this family go anywhere or do anything that the whole family wasn’t together.

  22. I, at first was repulsed by the family, just on the mom’s neck rolls alone, but like commenter CC noted, all the judgmental things being said about them occur here where I live in PA, where teacher’s who look like the mom are the norm! Not to mention, unless the child has an exceptional private school education or is a child of parents with a private school education, to hear things like, “me and my dad went fishing,” or, “I seen it the other day, ” ARE THE NORM regardless of what tax bracket you are in…..if your child goes to public school, they too with speak as if they’ve never picked up a book in their life too.

    So, @ CC – preach on!

    and ps. I’m pretty sure the problem isn’t as the Kid’s Cuisine commercial implied, substituting peaches in high fructose corn syrup is a better substitute than a brownie in their kids meals. As I believe the problem lies in the fact that everything has artificial sweeteners in them, 85% of American’s are on legal meds, most drink, smoke tobacco, would rather drive one of their two (at least cars) then walk the mile to the store, etc. We’re lazy, we’re self medicating (be it with food, or legal drugs -now far more than illegal), and so if you’re ashamed of this family, maybe take a good look at why?

  23. The sister just had her baby and the poor kid has an extra thumb. Why are we not surprised.

  24. @mish mash….the poor do not have the market cornered on babies with birth defects……what an ignorant comment!

  25. Corporate Media puts out these kinds of mindless shows to distract people from what is really going on in America. This family and millions of others are mindless consumers spending money at McDonalds and other GMO toxic food in stores and drinking fluoride in water which is proven poison. Is it any wonder that they act and do crazy things? Not a one of them looks healthy. All they eat is garbage junk food produced and owned by the same corporations that own ALL the media channels. WAKE THE FUCK UP PEOPLE.

  26. This must be another Ryan Seacrest produced tv show, he specializes in sleaze (See Kardashians)

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