This star has been going through a rough time lately, with speculation buzzing that it’s caused by a stalled career or relationship problems. If only it were that simple. The real issue is he feels like a she, and is seriously contemplating having a sex change operation! While Chaz Bono was arguably the first face of celebrity sex changes until Bruce Jenner decided to become Caitlin, if this worldwide star decides to switch genders he will instantly become the BIGGEST celebrity sex change story ever! To say he’s a household name would be an understatement and if he changes genders the story will dominate the headlines and likely torpedo his career and relationship – which is why he’s torn.



15 thoughts on “HOLLYWOOD WHODUNIT

  1. Billie eilish, donal trump & prince william

  2. For sure it’s Kelly Ripa’s husband Mark.

    Gelman leaked it to Page Six weeks ago to take the heat off his own indiscretions.

  3. “decided to become a woman” and deadnaming somebody? Traaassshhhhhhhhhhhhh

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